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As you learn more over the years and grow your portfolio, you will want to pursue more advanced asset protection strategies.  Now that you’re a homeowner, how can you protect your largest investment, your home? Get life insurance Meet with a financial planner Hire an attorney to create a living t...
You worked so hard to get your budget into tip-top shape, so now continue the great financial habits that you have developed.  Keep up the good work by tracking your income and expenses and keeping a careful eye on your money.  Continue reviewing your budget and challenging yourself and your fami...
If you start now, and train your children the right way when they are young, you will be so happy when they are older and have learned to be self-sufficient.  Are your values, such as hard work, incorporated into your family?  Children need to learn that money comes with effort, and they have to ...
What do PITI and HOA stand for? PITI: Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance HOA: Home Owners Association Your monthly payment may also include homeowners’ association fees, known as HOA fees, and any other expenses such as mortgage insurance, known as PMI, and Mello-Roos fees, which are commo...
Things to look for include:  signs of a well-established community; a neighborhood that is being maintained by the city; and, residents who care. To meet my criteria, I would want the streets to be paved with no potholes.  I would want to see a curb and gutter system and sidewalks well maintained...
Your debt ratio determines how much “house” you can afford.  If you are going to change your credit score or your debt ratios, change them for the better.  You want to owe as little money as possible.  The reason is that all of your monthly debts are counted against you.  Your lender calculates y...
Photos at Regina BrownLook up!  What do you see on the ceiling?  Acoustic (popcorn ceilings) or flat drywall are most common.  But let’s learn about other types of ceilings you may see while listing a property for sale — or showing homes to pr...
Pick your favorite houses and learn about those neighborhoods.  Do research online, attend community events there, stroll through the park and meet people.  Ask questions of the residents who live in the area.  What do they like best?  Least? Drive through the neighborhoods at various times of da...
“It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it, but not have it.”  Your home warranty is like an insurance policy.  The home warranty company will send a repairman to fix things when they break, so you do not have to pay out of pocket with a lot of cash.  A home warranty will keep unexp...
Do you want to know what's appealing to these clients?  Here's an article from my Realty Times listing some cool tech gadgets that affluent buyers are looking for:   Tech to Attract Affluent Home BuyersWritten by Realty Times StaffERA Real Estate and HGTV reported 46 percent of consumers see smar...

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