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  I am currently enjoying a couple of days in one of my favorite locations, Santa Fe New Mexico. What's not to love about a town that offers gorgeous sites, art, culture, shopping, unbelievable weather and amazing mexican food?! The St Francis Basilica Cathederal which sits in the historical Sant...
Purchasing your Colorado Springs home with an FHA home loan is a great way to finance a home with a low down payment, low interest rate and flexible lending guidelines. Due to the fact that FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration, anyone qualifying for an FHA loan is typicall...
After reading the recent article You may have heard this before . . . (Mama Bear's been prodded) about the topic of plagiarism, I was interested to see the heated discussion over what defines plagiarism and how you determine if someone has swiped your original content.  While I'm not going to di...
As a child growing up in Southern California, I spent most of my days outdoors and shoeless. I was fortunate to have almost an acre of land and dozens of fruit trees to climb in, on and around. As you might imagine, fruit trees typically find themselves frequented by bees. By the time I was 10 I ...
  On August 3, 2011 President Obama signed into law the Restoring GI Bill Fairness Act.  As of October 1, 2011 the VA funding fee will be reduced for all first time and subsequent users. The benefit to Active Duty Military in Colorado Springs, Colorado as well as Reserve and members of the Nation...
He called and asked when we could get together. He needed me, and he wasn’t shy about sharing that fact. I could sense his desperation. He wanted what I had, and I was willing to give it to him. When can we meet, he asked? Tomorrow, I said, and our meeting was finalized with anticipation. I was t...
A recent post by Melinda Peterson, the naked blogger titled It’s Like Butter on a Pancake really got my blogging brain churning. Mel talked about authentic blogging and what it takes to truly connect with your readers. It made me wonder what I can do to improve my blogging persona and what I can ...
Finding the purpose behind your blog is vital for early success. It can increase your visibility and improve engagement amongst your audience. It creates a rhythm and a flow that allow your initial readers to relate to your writing and hear your thoughts as if you were speaking them aloud. Your b...
As a blogger, I'm sure you've written some great blog content. The problem is, you can't expect your readers to remember or new readers to miraculously find those old blog posts. In past articles I've talked a lot about creating a distribution plan or a way to spread your message across the web. ...
  The USA Pro Cycling Challenge Kicks off today in Colorado Springs as cyclists ride through the state over 7 days and 500 miles. It’s expected that over 500,000 people will flock to Colorado Springs for the event which means great news for our burgeoning economy! The race has been compared to th...

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