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Facebook is used by millions of people around the world. In fact, it has more than 750 million active users. The opportunity to get your company in front of such a large audience is a marketers dream. It can also spell disaster for anyone that starts a Facebook advertising campaign without a pla...
There are a multitude of reasons why interest rates have plummeted to 50 Year lows in the last 24 hours. The fact remains, low interest rates and a healthy real estate market are the leading contributors to a Colorado Springs, Colorado real estate recovery! And now with mortgage rates hitting ne...
We work hard and we play hard! My business partner Diane and I with her husband and friends took the afternoon off after a busy work day to take the motorcycles up Mt Baldy in Breckenridge Colorado. I am blessed to call Diane a friend and business partner especially since she allows me to stay i...
  The unveiling of Google’s social networking platform Google+ has left us with yet another “social” challenge. How can we easily begin using Google+ without the frustration of recreating all of our contacts? The pro’s and con’s of social media is its constant state of change. Every time we turn ...
Did you know that statistics show visitors stay on websites that use video 78% longer than websites that do not have video? This means that the more cool tools you can add to your arsenal the better the chance of landing a listing! And now it’s time for my shameless "mom" plug! The home below was...
You’ve spent the weekend running to soccer games, birthday parties, the church social and the grocery store. Now you are left with a few remaining hours to pack school lunches and prepare for a new week. So where does the “me” in time come in? Sadly, finding time for ourselves is not a luxury ma...
  Question: I co-signed on a mortgage for my son about 3 years ago and now I would like to purchase a home of my own. My concern is whether or not I will need to qualify with both my son’s mortgage and the new mortgage. I have prequalified with an FHA loan but worry that If I have to qualify base...
I believe any salesperson or business owner would agree that satisfied clients are the backbone of our business. Profits come from acquiring new clients, retaining those clients and then encouraging referrals. Those three elements are crucial to our continued growth and success. It would stand t...
Obtaining mortgage preapproval will require that you provide additional documents to your lender. Your loan application is a very important part of the mortgage preapproval process and allows an underwriter to review your situation rather than just a quick prequalification where no information is...
A common misconception among Colorado Springs homebuyers is that an FHA Loan is only an option your first time around. Even though first time homebuyers regularly take advantage of the many benefits associated with an FHA Mortgage, the good news is that you can use FHA financing many times over....

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