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Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a social media community that loves your content, is compelled to share it and keeps coming back for more? While the answer may feel elusive, the truth behind it is surprisingly simple. Creating an active social media community is far less about pus...
Inman 2013 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders Congratulations to all of my friends and fellow Active Rain bloggers that made the list this year! It is an honor to be listed among so many superstars of the real estate industry!   2013 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders See the Complete Lis...
Writing a compelling post that grabs the attention of your audience day in and day out can be challenging. It can also be time consuming, aggravating and downright exhausting. Between tweets, Facebook posts, Google+ updates and the myriad of additional social sites frequented daily, producing fre...
While Google+ has seen much slower growth than other social networks, it still remains a viable business marketing tool for multiple reasons. Many of those reasons are easy to miss and simply overlooked by most marketers, and up until recently, myself included. I admit that I have been slow to em...
Likes, comments and shares. Three actions that all Facebook page owners crave. To date, you’ve tweaked, modified and fine-tuned your page, but to no avail.  Comments remain non- existent and likes are few and far between. You need to connect the dots on the content that your fans crave and gain a...
Does the term “Facebook advertising” make your head spin? If you've ever tried promoting your Facebook page, you know how immense the learning curve can be. Between CPC, CPM, PPC and CTR, wading through the verbiage can leave your mind reeling. And the options only continue to grow creating an e...
I typically write about social media productivity tools and strategies, that when implemented, can provide clarity and purpose within your overall social media plan. I am taking leave of that today to focus on a topic that is crucial to anyone’s success, whether you are a large or small company,...
Pinterest is now the fastest growing social network, increasing its reach an unprecedented +4377% between May 2011 and May 2012. While still in its infancy, with an estimated 20 million users, this social behemoth can no longer be ignored. However, even with its seemingly simple way to share and ...
  Facebook can be an extremely effective marketing tool; connecting businesses with online consumers in search of their very product or service. Brands, whether large or small, with a consistent Facebook marketing strategy have the ability to build a viable community in an entertaining environmen...
Building your business through blogging is an exciting adventure. It brings with it the freedom to manage your message and offers the visibility many businesses fail to find with any other marketing medium. The design, content creation and promotion that transpires in order to produce and mainta...

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