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Mortgages are available in all shapes and sizes, no money and low down payment plans are still available, and dont forget to get qualified prior to shopping to be sure you are looking in the right price range.
 Let me know if you have heard this before (Or maybe you thought it yourself?):"I am going to wait to buy a home until prices come down."I was a little scared at the beginning of this market myself since I was both a buyer and a seller a few years ago and had flashes of the bubble pop.  So I went...
Real Estate is STILL a good Long term investment.With the latest housing numbers coming out this week for 2023 with Redfin showing price increases of over 6% in 2023, Core logic at 5.5% and Black Knight at 5.6%.We are still waiting for FHFA and Case-Shiller's December numbers.  as of November FHF...
Are you waiting for interest rates to drop to buy a home?  Here's why that may be a bad idea.The above chart shows what you may lose if you put off buying a home.  Here is where that data comes from.The above is based on purchasing a $400,000 home in Toms River, NJ (which is where my office is lo...
2024 Housing Activity:  Have you noticed an increase in activity?  Even with the snowy cold weekend I have seen a noticeable increase in buyer activity this past weekend.  We appear to be thru the holiday doldrums and that pent up demand has the market activity buzzing. Unfortunately, we still do...
 Happy New Year!2024 Housing Forecast: I just read a housing forecast for this year, and it is promising.   A quick look back at 2023 we have Year over year prices up 6.4% as of November and it looks like the full year will be between 6.8 and 7% once the data is released for December. For this ye...
 November’s housing data was just released this morning and nationally we are still in a seller’s market with 3.5 months of inventory and only 1.13 million listings available. That is down 1.7% from the previous month but about 0.9% better on a year over year basis. In addition the average days o...
  Are your buyers or Sellers hesitant?  With the combination of rates being at the highest levels for years and prices up, and the Media putting a negative spin on EVERYTHING… Can we blame them?  Probably not… but we certainly can educate them.First up: Prices are not likely to go down. Take a lo...
The latest numbers for Case Shiller and FHFA are out and both show strong increases in home prices. Zillow did report a small decline in September of 0.1% .Over all 2023 is shaping up to be another good year for home prices:You've probably heard over and over again the simple Economics 101 Supply...
 A common theme today: Sellers are reluctant to list their homes because they do not want to give up their low mortgage rate. There are a few things to consider before you make that knee jerk reaction: Why do I want to move? Would a move give me a better quality of life? More space, less space, b...
 Price Reductions do not mean home prices are going down.Price reductions do not mean values are downHousing Wire and Altos Research had an article last week that suggested that price cuts could be a leading indicator of future home prices.  The facts do not support that at all.In 2018-2019 home ...

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