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Today, I have the honor of teaching the Rookie Club at the Williamson County Association of Realtors a class called "Contract to Close."  I came up with the class and it was my first Power Point Presentation.  I am not sure which I am more proud of the class or learning Power Point.  Yes, I am a ...
These were all cities with over 100,000 people. Fastest growing - in US  Tx had 4 in the top 15. 1.  Frisco, Tx 2.  McKinney, Tx 7.  Round Rock, Tx my area 13.  Denton, Tx As my not native Texan clients tell me...they got here as fast as they could.    
As heard on our local news this morning - Texas Home Sales are reported to be constant.  Dallas/Ft. Worth/Houston are like the top players with San Antonio and Austin right below pushing up the ranks.  I am so grateful that I live and sell Real Estate in this awesome state. 
As I sit back and watch the bell tower crumble, one can only think, what the heck? As if the lending institutions didn't stick it to our clients 3/4 years ago when they would loan anyone the money to buy a home.  Now bend over, they are at it again.  A total of 268,345 homes were foreclosed on in...
It is that time of year again when the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin puts on the annual Parade of Homes. This year it will be by Lake Travis in the Rough Hollow community in Lakeway.  It will run from Oct. 16th thru the 31st 11am to 7pm. Closed Tuesdays.  Tickets are at the gate for...
Facebook is looking to upset Google's domination of the internet.  Really? If Facebook were a country it would be the third largest in the world.  So at this point, I think it could be done.  What they are trying to do is testing a virtual currency system in the form of credits.  I am thinking ev...
I am sitting here with my mouth open, jaw dropped actually, to see all this awesome cultural, musical, theatrical and visual events that are coming to Austin in the near future.  Let me just mention a few because I think it is important that we support these affairs and expose ourselves to new th...
I just finished taking 2 days of class to get my Seller Residential Specialist designation.  This ia a fairly new designation designed for Listing Agents.  I personally learned so much in this class taught by Pat Strong (whom I love as an instructor).  We had such a nice group of people in a smal...
Reported in the paper this morning was the news the Travis County home values had dropped 5.5%.  This is the first drop since 2003, which in this economy, is incredible. I sell alot of homes in Williamson County, and luckily there was very little decline.  That is good news for this area.  Accord...
I am a very astute observer of marketing and how different companies market their product or themselves. I love looking at new and innovative ads or the worst of the worst.  So, I am watching TV this morning and hear this very irritating jingle like screeching singing something.  I look up to see...

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