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If these are not affordable then I just don't know what is.  A newer 1,400sf home built after 2000 for less then $100,000 in a popular area of the valley with very good prospects.  Sales of homes under $100,000 went up 4,395% over last year.  Yes, that is four thousand three hundred ninety five p...
Phoenix Home Search   This is a sample of a postcard going out to 10,000 +/- 9,750 homes.   I was just a bit tired of being serious, but, none the less our Phoenix Home Search is that good.
Warren Buffett recently said that he gets scared when people get greedy and he gets greedy when people are scared and people are now scared, and he probably knows a thing or two, and I have a hunch he is right, especially when you look at all the times -previous market cycle downturns- a very few...
The Olympus is an interesting condo complex with Romanesque architecture detail on the interior and exterior: some call it an architectural gem and it may be so: it's certainly not a common condo complex.  The Olympus is a complex of 36 condominiums with a average square footage of 1,489 square f...
        Phoenix Market Trends explores the Phoenix valley pedling through the steets. When I first picked up Hoozdo magazine I was intrigued but then I got an idea based on the regular Urban Hike articles.  Since I enjoy riding my road bike so much and I also like exploring cities I figured I can...
Sales, permits and demand is down for new homes: and that is a good thing.  We don't need more inventory in the market and there are plenty of resale homes which are virtually new: with some being less then a year old.  Many of these are REO properties or lender owned properties which represent a...
Phoenix REO properties and due dilligence.   The large supply of lender owned or REO homes are priced--in most cases--to sell.  Lenders don't know much about a home so don't expect a seller property disclosure statement (SPDS) and DO expect to be buying the home "AS IS", WHERE IS".  That means th...
On the East Size of Sunnyslope right along the west foothills of the Phoenix Mountains is an area which may surprise many: especially those who harbor a false view of Sunnyslope as a bad area.   Drive up 16th St. from Northern then take the small streets north along the hillside and you'll see an...
The value of separate meters on a property cannot be underestimated.  Most multifamily properties have one meter for water and maybe separate meters for electricity: in small multifamily properties is normal to have individual electric meters but it's uncommon to have the same with water: that's ...
Live near the Phoenix central valley and near a natural mountain preserve with homes for every budget. The Preserve by the Phoenix Mountains The Phoenix Mountains Preserve offers mountain bikers, road bikers, hikers, walkers and admirers of the desert mountains a setting for expression and indulg...

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