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Many of my clients were comfortable with the business of leads from traditional channels, business through referrals and walk-ins. Today we see this trend on the downward spiral. Think about your business, are the leads flowing in enough to sustain your business? It is unlikely to be the case. De...
Don't slack on communication. When you are busy with work due to your successful marketing efforts. It will remain very important to continue answering new emails and return phone calls to keep new work arriving. By ignoring or forgetting to actively correspondent with people, you are showing dis...
If you have not jumped in to the social networking arena you may be missing out on key networking opportunities in your niche. Social Networking sites like Facebook are geared to allow you to add friends of friends to broaden your touch within your network. These people are just the audience you...
If you have not jumped in to the social networking arena you may be missing out. This new area of the web is not just for the young. Re-connecting to past neighbors and friends is very easy. The networks have methods of relating your current friends with their friends and making suggestions for y...
Marketing is an intriguing part of your daily responsibilities because if you are really good at it, you can turn nearly every opportunity in life into a marketing opportunity. It is from these daily random opportunities can end up being the bread and butter of your business. Marketing opportunit...
When leads come into an office with many agents, I am not so sure the distribution of these leads is done fairly. I would like to have input regarding how this process works in your office.
I have client thinking about using the point 2 service and I do not know much about it, have you used it and is it good at producing new leads?
When working throughout the day do you have IM on? I am working on a communication feature to allow instant communication to visitors to web sites. Do you leave windows live messenger on all day so that anonomus chats can reach you?   Also I was wondering if this will limit my customers to live o...
Is it ok to blog about local events happening in my community on activerain? I have not seen anyone making a blog about local events and announcement in their local communities.  If this is ok I would like to make announcements occasionally but I was just wondering if this breaks a rule. Any insi...
To everyone out there, have you ever tried the talking house program? I have received a packet and in the literature they speak of this being the greatest thing in real estate. I am somewhat skeptical and I was just asking to see if you have any opinion or if you have heard of someone using it ge...

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