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  Should home buyers and savers be worried about the Fed rate hike? Here are a few things we should know about to help us prepare for this impending change.With the Fed announcing another rate hike Wednesday, borrowing costs will head even higher for consumers. The good news is some bank customer...
Whatever venture you decide to go into, it's always right to be equipped with information to know what to expect to be able to thrive. Speaking of which, here are few things you need to know before making the career leap in the real estate industry.1. You Decide How Successful You Are That's righ...
A shelter is considered to be one our basic commodity, and many got stuck thinking it's just that, a commodity that we need to have and pay for every month. Truth is, it can be something so much more, it can be an investment, a legacy or a source of income. It mainly depends on how you utilize it...
Demand for houses continuously goes up while its supply dwindles. It's a common knowledge that scarcity equates to price inflation, does this mean it's time to sell?According to recently released dat​a from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the median number of days that a home spent on...
 Ever wonder why some real estate agents are more successful than others? Why success seems to come more easily to some?  Today we will be learning the recipe for success in the real estate industry.Problem solver mindset. Do you enjoy coming up with creative solutions to problems or issues? Many...
It's apparent that home values are swiftly increasing due to the lack of supply while demand continues to expand in our housing market today. Experts foresee an increase of 5% (or greater) in home value over the next twelve months. In result, bank appraisal could be a bit challenging in this mark...
Whether you are just starting your career or changing a career path, it is a major move in anyone's life choices. In my previous blog, real-estate-agent-smart-career-choice we have discussed why being a Real Estate Agent is a smart career choice. Now, let us tackle on how to become a Real Estate ...
 What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you heard the word, Summer? I’m guessing --beach, vacation, camping, travel, barbecue and so many more! But, did you know that Summer is a great time to purchase your dream home? Doubtful? Here are the 4 reasons why you should buy a home this s...
  What makes a perfect career? A fulfilling one, high paying, easy money, influencing and the list go on. There are a lot of career opportunities out there that suits our tastes and skills. But what really sets Real Estate Agent career apart? Aside from the fact that it has flexible working hours...
Who wouldn't want to have their dream home right away? I guess -- none. For a first-time home buyer, especially to those in working-class, a starter home is a smart choice. A place of your own with lower expenses sounds good, right? However, prices in starter home category continue to rise in the...

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