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With recent market developments such as the mortgage interest rate increase and dwindling supplies, many of us expected a significant bump in home prices this year. But recent reports indicate that this year marks the first time since 2016 when home prices did not mark up by 6%.CoreLogic's Chief ...
There are countless reasons why we should have a home of our own. financial benefits, social benefits, emotional benefit, and the list goes on. Today, let's discuss the top 4 reasons backed up by reported that:"Buying remains the more attractive option in the long term - that ...
Today's real estate market are driven by two influential forces, interest rates & supply. Whether we like it or not our system are ultimately governed by these two which can stiffen or soften a particular market area with the slightest movements by its needle.Interest RatesMortgage interest rates...
Although it's true that another increase just occurred recently, our current rates are still low compared to what we had back 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago. Some buyers may have missed to take advantage of the lowest rate in history, but we're still at the lower end to date historically speaking.Mo...
The simplest analogy I could give is a seesaw, imagine supply is on one end and demand is on the other. When supply drops the demand will rise accordingly, thus opening an opportunity to raise prices.Buyer Demand The map below was created after asking the question: "How would you rate buyer traff...
For the sake of views and likes, some writers will intentionally use words that they think would make their headlines look more appealing despite of the fact that the thought and idea change greatly with it, misleading leading readers and netizens alike.Many of these headline writers will confuse...
The way we plan and live our lives greatly depend on our ability to pay for the things we use and will be using. At the top part of most people's list is mortgage. Changes in mortgage rate directly impact us and our day to day lifestyle.Below is a chart created using Freddie Mac's U.S. Economic &...
One of the main reasons why real estate have been at the top of the list of great investments is its structurally sound appreciation model. The premise is, as time goes, the population grows but the land mass of a region remains the same. Thus, circling back to the ever dependable law of supply a...
With the amount of time spent in its current state, it's a little hard to establish the true norm for everyone. Newcomers to the industry who experienced the pre-bubble burst market may perceive what we have now as their norm. Some may have an ideal vision of how the normal market status should b...
If you're debating on moving to your dream home, you might be in luck. In some areas in the U.S. home equities rise which could give way to spending less for the long-awaited dream home for the lucky 25% of homeowners with a mortgage.Home equity is defined as the difference between the home's fai...

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