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This was just forwarded to me and I figure at this time of year, perhaps we all need just a little help.... Without a doubt, one of the funniset posts I have seen in a long, long time. So come one, come all, join in the festive Holiday Spirit that pervad...
Maximize Your Drive TimeTips & Tricks to Ease Your Commute As the population continues to grow, more and more people will be clogging the highways during your commute. Rather than becoming increasingly frustrated and discouraged, why not use this time to do something productive? There are many wa...
It seems in years gone by, I used to get all kinds of e-mail sfrom "Private Investors" or "Hard Moeny Guys" touting their cash to lend. Headlines like "close in 24 hours", "fast service" and my all time favorite ",y wallet has no bottom". Well here we are and I have 5 deals on my desk right now t...
A follow up letter with a Customer Evaluation Survey can generate referrals from recent clients and associates. I have included a sample referral request below. I send a similar letter out to all of my clients, along with my own Customer Survey to make sure my team and I are maintaining our goal...
Quieting Your Critic Robert Kiyosaki's bestseller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad,* has helped millions to create roadmaps to their financial goals. Central to his series is the notion of open-mindedness. Instead of sizing up a situation and saying, "I can't afford that," he suggests saying, "How can I affor...
Okay, so here is the ticket.... it is early on a Sunday morning and the big party (we host an annual pool party here on the horse farm) is only a few weeks away. I can tell because all of the fireworks tents are springing up all over the county. So with today starting out sunny and cool, yet-to-b...
It is my humble and genuine opinion that success in any business is based on genuine relationships. And the more of these strong relationships you have, the more successful your business will be. This is true in any market – good, bad, or otherwise. You probably believe in the same theory, or you...
Benjie Menendez, the Cigar Master from Partagas, made a special appearance today at my local haunt to put on a show. Although I will admit most who may read this won't care (but those of you like myself who imbibe in a great smoke will know where I am coming from). I slipped out of the office an ...
Can you believe we are just days away from summer? If you haven't gotten all of your spring cleaning done just yet, or you have other projects you've been meaning to do around the house, now is the perfect time to get going on them, before the hottest days of summer descend upon us. OUTSIDE YOUR ...
It seems like not a day goes by that we don't hear about the rising price of either groceries or gasoline. This might not be such a difficult pill to swallow if we were talking about luxury items, but food and fuel are hardly that. They are everyday necessities that we cannot live without. In th...

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