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Many times we get clouded by our own ambition....yes it is true. We focus on success and we end up taking the giving part for granted. We get so wrapped up in the So-Called Recession and that houses take 6 months to a year to sell that we forget what is really important. This More Economy of more...
  Dave Conklin recently crafted a list great places to submit your blog through RSS feed over at While most of us know a thing or two about blogging (we are on ActiveRain, after all) I thought it might be a good idea to reshare this. Obviously we all need to keep growing our...
When it comes to your Pipeline!!I truly do not care what the "state of the market" is nor do I care what CNN dictates as a dismal future in the real estate market. What I do care about is the size of my Pipeline! I know that every day houses are being bought and sold!! I must get in contact with ...
In talking to a FSBO just yesterday, he was not so much intrigued by showing him how I was going to make him more money by going with me and paying my commission (although he was impressed) nor was I able to close him on the mere fact that listing his home with me will bring in better more qualif...
It is absolutely amazing how many people in this world love to blame others for their misfortunes as opposed to being honest, blaming themselves and doing something about it. It is so much easier for YOU to point the finger at others and then run and hide. You know who you love to bitc...
Too many real estate agents (sales people) still do not get Lead Generation Follow Up yet so I am going to break it down into simple terms so that everyone can understand: 1) You get a lead; 2) You call (talk) the lead right away or leave a message and email the lead; 3) You discover what bits of...
I cannot believe how many real estate agents that I talk to that are still not attempting to do Reverse Offers and furthermore, how many agents have never heard of it. People wake up....when the market changes so do your strategies. So many people I have spoken with are frankly scared to present ...
You are struggling, you are allowing situations to control your paycheck, you are trying to blame others for your troubles and you are considering getting out of sales and getting into something with a steady paycheck but limited income. If no one has "The Balls" to tell you the truth then I will...
I truly PHind it amazing when so many sales people struggle with sales and acquiring new leads and PHollowing up with those leads and then to hear they are aPHraid of or unwilling to use the most important piece of equipment they own. PHenomenal things happen to individuals who PHocus on the simp...
Successful Lead Generation is solely dependent upon the sales representative who works the lead. If you do not have a solid follow up and/or contact management system you are doing yourself and all marketing dollars a severe injustice. In doing sales training this morning for a small group of rep...

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