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It was probably about 7 years ago, only a few days after I finally got my license. I was walking the strip mall with a friend and saw her standing in front of a bulletin board of advertisements, most of them for real estate companies, open houses and the like. I knew the second I saw her that she...
Even the best real estate agents and brokers need a reminder of the basics when turning leads into clients. Although the basics seem like simple skills on the surface, they are the building blocks for a strong business. As a real estate coach and trainer I am often surprised at how many agents do...
I truly find it comical when I hear people using Dietary Supplements and then listening to them complain or calling consumer reports stating that the product is a scam and it does not work. They cannot understand when they pryed open the container and took several minutes getting the cotton out t...
You know who I am talking about the Agent you met at the Open House you went to 3 weeks ago that keeps calling you to earn your business. Or the Agent that you called regarding a home you saw in one of their ads that emails and calls every other day. Or that Agent who knocks on your door 2-3 time...
Because he was duct taped to a Realtor! Now I am only going to say this once, so pay attention, YOUR LOAN OFFICER MUST ATTEND EVERY APPOINTMENT THAT YOU HAVE WITH A POTENTIAL CLIENT!! I lied, I am going to say it again, because too many of you do not get it... YOUR LOAN OFFICER MUST BE WITH YOU A...
I am coaching people all the time that are saying, Rory...I have no success at Open Houses! I respond the only way I know how and that is...YOU ARE NOT DOING THE OPEN HOUSES CORRECTLY!! Be Creative! Be Different! Most importantly, Be Remembered!! The problem is you sit around wait for people to a...
Real Estate agents listen have to get this one if you truly want to succeed. The second you convince yourself to begin a career in real estate you become a business owner. Allow me to say that again....YOU ARE A BUSINESS OWNER!! You are your own boss!! You make your own rules. You have ...
Sold, Contract Pending and/or Under Agreement Signs are the dumbest rider signs to put on your yard sign once your listing goes under might as well put a rider sign that says Home Quarantined For Small Pox at least then you will get some calls. Unless your client is threatening th...
Now I realize that for the most part when you received your real estate license you completed anywhere from 2-8 weeks of classwork with some testing and a final exam that pretty much went over just about everything you will never need or use again... Furthermore, you then pursued a real estate of...
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