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What we do know from working with banks, meaning we work on their behalf, is that if you haven't made a payment this month, can't make the payment next month, is that if you haven't contacted them, and we know they have contacted you, is that you will be on a "hit list".  The easiest solution is ...
In this market, we are finding more and more consumers are facing difficult decisions.  They want housing, but their situation has changed due to circumstances often beyond their control.  Sometimes it is one or more of the 3 Ds - Death, Divorce or Disease.  Sometimes it is another D - Deployment...
It has come to my attention the hard way that Wells Fargo will not allow it's clients to sell their homes on a contract for deed.  The typical mortgage language includes a "Due on Sale Clause," which calls the mortgage due in full at the time of closing a home on contract for deed. I spoke to Wel...
Secretary Shaun Donovan announced $2 billion in Neighborhood Stabilization Program grants to communities and nonprofit housing developers to combat the effects of vacant and abandoned homes.  FHA currently prohibits insuring a mortgage on a home owned by the seller for less than 90 days.  Can you...
Sitting on a conference call with the heads of asset mangement companies today, I was sobered into the fact that when I take a listing from a seller, I had better be prepared.  Q1 -Q4 could see as many as 13 million more assets coming on the market.  Many of these will be executive-style homes th...
How could this be?  Well, we all know that it works this way, but does the consumer?  Fair Isaac & Co.  (FICO) has let it be known how the credit scoring it runs will affect your credit score.                                                       If you have a foreclosure, the hit to your credit ...
Buyers who are procrastinating better think fast.  This market is moving quickly.  Smart buyers are now out in force and will get the best deals as fast as they can.  What will you do?                                                           Are you ready to give away money?  Wouldn't it be grea...
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