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This is not nonsense.  The effects of the uprising in one of the nation's allies in the Middle East will affect not only the economy here in middle America but also your wallet.  The Middle East, as you can expect, has far-reaching implications on our SUVs, our sedans and even our little fuel-eff...
A local from the Minneapolis Star Tribune will offer advice at Rockwoods Grill in Otsego on Tuesday, February 1, 2011.  John Ewodlt is a professional penny-pincher.  He has been working at it for 13 plus years so he know a deal when he sees one.  There are approximately 6.6 percent of Minnesota's...
First thing, has anyone noticed that since Active Rain hit 200,000 members last Monday, there hasn't been one new member?  Not one.  Nary a soul has joined since last Monday.  Secondly, whatever happened to I leave a comment on your blog post and perhaps some day you leave one on mine?  I don't c...

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