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Thanks to Debbie Laity, Suzanne McLaughlin, Ron Marshall and John McCormack, I think I can make the half million mark a week early.   Now, I have been here since 2008 so I have no excuse for not having broken through before, but now that the goal is in sight, I am working my fingers to the bone. ...
I haven't asked permission from Paula to "endorse" her.  So, I will just endorse her with this great post. I would like to believe that she is one of those who really takes time and listens to the client.  She isn't in it just for the commission, but really cares about the circumstances of her cl...
Did you ever have a Pajama Day in high school? I went to school where I know this would have been a disaster with so many students. But, here in Zimmerman, the school is just the right size for so many fun and unique activities.  Check this out…. Zimmerman High School Snow Week - Pajama Day High ...
Reading Frenzy is Zimmerman is a very unique bookstore.  It is located next to Dunn Brothers Coffee and has a door from the coffee house into the bookstore.   They not only have many unusual events, but they also do book fairs and sell gently used books, too.    Check out their link here.  The co...
Beth and Bud are great advocates for the senior community in Cary.  And, notifying the area of this important class and others are just one example of why they are a trusted resource in Cary. Thank them for the time and effort that they put forth to keep seniors and others informed of why they ar...
Here are some other options to foreclosure.  And, while I understand that not everyone can use these tips, they are some interesting ideas here.   Thank Steven for his great understanding and knowledge. Tips for the Upside-Down Homeowner Are you concerned that you or someone you know may be upsid...
I don't often reblog Suzanne's posts.  In fact, this might be the third time ever.   But, this is important information for those facing foreclosure in Wright or Sherburne or Anoka Counties.   If you need expert help, call Suzanne.  She really understands the process and is very empathetic.   Win...
It is ice-fishing season, so what else would I write about? This is exciting news for the City of Rogers Minnesota.   The Rogers City Council recently granted plat approval for Clam Corporation, makers of popular ice fishing and outdooor gear, to relocate to its headquarters to Rogers.  Clam Corp...
Have you ever heard of the Internet entity called “GoFundMe”?  There are several places on the internet that you can find for startup funds or just to do something like Aaron Carpenter had in mind.  Aaron was brought to my attention by a story in the Elk River Star News.  He is the artistic direc...
My dad and I had a pretty successful day on the ice yesterday despite the fact that the air temp was minus four and the wind chill was about minus forty.   The fish don’t mind the cold, and, apparently these two big boys were hungry.   It was too cold to let my son come out, but the “old man” is ...

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