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  International Financing SolutionsA  Division of Sean Allen, Inc.  Ofc:  .239-482-6866.    Email: sallen11867@aol.com   Skype: sean.allen5www.InternationalFinancingSolutions.comwww.GlobalCommercialFinancing.com_________________________________________________________________________June 2009  Se...
Hello Folks, From the first of May until the end of October every year is Stingray season on the beaches of Southwest Florida. The first thing most locals will tell you is to 'Shuffle" your feet as you walk in the surf. By shuffling your feet, you will scare off any stingrays before you have a ch...
Sea Turtles are one of the few animals which will swim thousands of miles in our oceans only to end back up on the beach which they were born. This jouney brings them back "to home" upon which they lay their eggs for the next generation. In the picture below, if you look closely, you will see the...
Hello Folks, Well, I shall confess ..... It is awesome to be living in paradise!!!! Not many places in the United States or even the World where a person can watch sunset on a nightly bases as they set over a large body of water. Tonight's adventures were on the Southern end of Fort Myers Beach. ...
Howdy folks, The last sunset of the month for May turned out to be quite nie. This past week was a loosy week for watching sunsets due to all the rain we have had in the area. As everyone knows, each sunset is different, so is each day spent walking the beach. As the tides rise and fall they eith...
Hello Folks, Went out to Barefoot Beach to check out this evening sunset. Unfortunately, sunset wasn't very exciting since the sun ended up slipping behind a bank of clouds, but the walk on the beach was still quite nice. Sunset and Low Tide ended up being at the same time of day, which made walk...
Hello Folks, Hope everyone is having a nice and relaxing Memorial Day. While you are out gathing with family and friends, or relaxing in your home, please remember our soldier past and current. It is because of these brave men and women that we are able to enjoy the freedoms that was have. Unfort...
May 21, 2009   Hello Folks, Went out to Barefoot Beach this evening to watch the sunset and get a little exercise walking the beach. Here are a few pictures from this evening visit..... This first picture is of a Sea Turtle's nest which has been protected. It is not uncommon for communities along...

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