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Hello Folks, Beautiful morning for a walk on the beach. The last two days have been filled with gray skies and lots of rain, so going to the beach was not a possibility, unless I wanted to walk in the rain, which isn't my idea of fun. Got out to the beach at about 7:15am and was surprised at how ...
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Just like watching the sun "setting" in the distance. To be successful we must "set" goals which we can see as we strive to get closer for a better view. As we get closer to seeing our goal come to reality, then the time arises to set a new one a little further out.     Have you set your goals??
Hello Folks, Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. A thought to ponder .... We see on the news, almost on a nightly basis, about someone (usually a less than intelligent person) stealing an ATM machine. Many times the thieves also steal a piece of construction equipment like a backhoe or forklif...
Hello Folks, Took a little trip over to Miami to check out South Beach an the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden. Weather was very nice, sunny skies and a cool breeze which made the day quite comfortable. Started off the day at the Botanical Garden which is located in the Coral Gables area of Mi...
Hello Folks,                                                                                               May 13, 2009 Bonita Springs  Florida was fortunate to get a bit of rain today, wayyyy past due. We were also fortunate to have an unusual sunset with the clouds in tonight's sky. Hope you en...
Hello Folks, Had a beautiful sunset tonight off of Bonita Beach in Lee County Florida. Also had the pleasure of watching a couple kite surfers doing their stuff in the gulf waters right off shore. Enjoy the pics ....             Hope you enjoyed the photos.
Hello Folks, Spent the past two days on Barefoot Beach. On Friday (5-8-09) spent about 4 hours enjoying the beach and gulf in the morning and then went back again today (5-9-09) for low tide and sunset.  Collier County Florida has a very nice park at Barefoot Beach which typically does not have m...
Hello Folks, Below are a series of pictures from my last two visit to Boca Grande in the past three weeks. The island and the waters around it are simply beautiful. Awesome beaches and if you like to collect sharks teeth, this is a great place to find them in the surf. Enjoy these views .... View...

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