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February 2010   International Financing Solutions in partnership with an Internationally known Investment Bank are excited to announce our ability to finance various types of Medical Facilities. This preferred investment bank has recently developed a separate "medical" department for the sole pur...
Hello folks, Spent this morning on Sanibel Island with MANY other people. The beach was swamped with people ..... more than I've ever seen before, BUT this makes sense because today was the first very nice day for the past two weeks.   Below is a view looking down the Sanibel River. Sanibel Islan...
February 2010 International Financing Solutions  is a commercial financing brokerage firm that works directly with leading Private Investment Banks to secures innovative debt, mezzanine, equity financing. Our abilities do not stop at the border. We can also secure such loans on commercial propert...
Howdy folks, Took a drive to Alligator Country earlier today to see what I could see. Went down Hwy 41 into the Everglades and I believe at least 1/3 of Naples did the same .... LOTS of people going to check out the wildlife. Weather is a tad cold with partly cloudy skies. The gators started to c...
Hello folks, Went for a "cool" walk on the beach this morning. Nice and sunny day, but the temps were hovering in the low 50's .... which made it a tad cool. The gulf was quite churned up because of the strong winds the past few days. Hopefully this will bring more shells up on the beach, but we ...
Hello folks, Below are some additional pictures from my visit to Tigertail beach on Marco Island earlier this past week. Tigertail was a very nice beach .... BUT a tad long of a walk to get to the gulf and parking was $8.00 (ouch). I also took a pic of a common local roadsign we have in Southwest...
February 2010  As many people are aware, the financial markets have taken a beating the past 24 months and MOST banks are not lending on commercial property. The key being the word "most"!! Yet our preferred Investment Bank HAS been closing and funding loans throughout this same time period.  Som...
Hello folks, Although I nly live about 30 minutes away, I've never been on any of the beaches at Marco Island ..... soooo, I decided today would be the perfect day to make such a visit. I ended up at the Collier County Park at Tigertail Beach. Beautiful park, although expensive parking ($8.00), a...

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