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  You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind.
December 2009 Flipping Residential or Commercial Real Estate Are you or a client in need of short term funds to facilitate the FLIPPING of real estate? International Financing Solutions is direct to a Trust which specializes in providing money to investors to complete their FLIPS on both Resident...
Hello Folks, In the past 15+ years that I have either lived in Bonita Springs or been coming here for vacations, I've never known that Bonita was home to such large Pyramids. happened to stumble across a couple this past week while walking the beach. Walking the beaches can be quite enjoyable ......
Christmas Crafts by Kristin   Some of you on AR may have seen my previous blogs about my sister Kristin. For those who have not, Kristin was born with Cerebral Palsy. Every day she wakes up and has to deal with her mental and physical disabilities, yet every day she is always happy and smiling. I...
November 2009 International Financing Solutions in partnership with one of our preferred Investment Banks is able to provide "Factoring" to those companies that are in need of selling off their Accounts Receivables to generate immediate cash. Factoring is NOT a loan and does not require repayment...
Hello Folks, Took one of my weekly strolls down the beach the other day. Decided it was time to check out Vanderbilt Beach which is in Naples as I have not been on this stretch of beach lately. Was quite surprised at the vast number of birds on the beach. Must have been designated "Bird Day" at t...
    The Wildcat pictured above is a young male cat we have seen behind the house in the past few days. We believe he was one of three kittens we witnessed a few weeks ago with the momma and now he is on his own. Very inquisitive little guy. He was following me around as I was positioning to take...
International Financing SolutionsA  Division of Sean Allen, Inc.  Ofc: 239-482-6866  Email: sallen11867@aol.com   Skype: sean.allen5www.InternationalFinancingSolutions.ning.comwww.GlobalCommercialFinancing.com ________________________________________________________________ November 2009   Vacati...
Monarch Butterflies   This past weekend, while visiting the Naples Botanical Garden, we had the pleasure of experiencing the Butterfly Garden. The butterfly garden was an enclosed garden area to contain the butterflies and was quite fascinating. While admiring the butterflies, the question arose ...

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