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Commercial Financing   International Financing Solutions in partnership with various Investment Banks are able to secure capital for a wide variety of reason or transactions. Our team is direct to the funding sources and has worked with many of them in excess of 15 years. Because of the length of...
Naples Botanical Garden This past weekend was the grand opening of the "New & Improved" Naples Botanical Garden.  From the news reports they increased the size of the garden and added many new plantings..... regardless, since I had not been there previously, it was all new to me. Now, keep in min...
Business LoansFrome $400,000 to $6 Million  International Financing Solutions with our business partners are able to secure business loans up to $6 Million USD for any type of US based business. If you are currently profitable, then we should be able to secure the funds you need.   Reasons for Bu...
Student Housing Facilities Financing   With the decrease in the US economy, many adults have chosen to go back to college to further their education in an attempt to increase the odds of securing a better career.  As a direct result in the increase in college students, so has the need increased f...
Commercial Real Estate Refinancing Industry professionals estimate that between now and 2013 that over $2 TRILLION in Commercial loans will come due for refinancing. Are you one of the people who owns commercial property that will need to be refinanced? Do you need a blanket loan to consolidate y...
Commercial Financing   International Financing Solutions has secured partnerships with a few Investment banks for handling various types of commercial transactions. Most of these Investment Banks have their "preferred" niche for lending money. As a couple examples .... Some prefer to only lend on...
Hello Folks, Last week was the annual Fort Myers Beach Sandsculpting  Contest.  The contest started about midweek and ended with the final awards ceremony being on Sunday November 8th at 1:00pm. In normal fashion, I just HAD to go down and check out the artwork. Upon arriving I was informed that ...
International Financing SolutionsA  Division of Sean Allen, Inc.  Ofc: 239-482-6866 Email: sallen11867@aol.com   Skype: sean.allen5www.InternationalFinancingSolutions.ning.comwww.GlobalCommercialFinancing.com __________________________________________________________November 2009  Commercial Prop...
Residential Financing Alternative to gain 100% Purchase Money Since the meltdown of the mortgage industry roughly 24 months ago, numerous people have found it extremely difficult to secure a residential mortgage. Many of these people are quite wealthy, but due to either having bad credit, unrepor...

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