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A wonderful every day reminder for EVERY agent ! Professionalism between real estate agents. You probably hear a lot about the importance of conducting yourself professionally with clients, but professional behavior with other agents is equally important. It can mean the difference between your l...
 Choice Home Warranty has offered us some words of wisdom about the phasing out of Freeon used in Air Conditioning Systems....You don't want to be caught in hot muggy weather with no relief inside your home.Here is a great article we thought everyone would appreciate. Freon is being phased out......
Change is inevitable...much easier when everyone can see the benefits ! It does not matter whether you are in Real Estate, a corporation or a small business.  You will have to get out of your comfort zone.  Not once, but many times.  That is going to require change.  Although no one likes to chan...
. If you are a naive Wisconsinite....or have the good fortune to move here, you know that Packer season...a/k/a Football season is a sacred ritual. My Mom used to say if they ever wanted to do nuclear testing in Wisconsin, they could do it during  a Packer Game...there is NO one outside. Everyon...
. This may well not be the most popular post we ever wrote...and that's OK. If you have gotten to know us at all..sometimes the purpose of our writing is to awaken a reality check...encourage "pondering"..(Thank you Michael Jacobs ) which may lead to some revelations. Revelations ar...
  The greater Milwaukee area knows how to celebrate the Summer Season and the Annual Beast Feast....a/k/a  Milwaukee Zoo Ala Carte is just one more way to do exactly that !              August 15 -18   Stroll thru the zoo and while you are taking in the can the food offered by over fo...
   In Wisconsin it is not unusual in older homes with cement block basements, to have the walls "become uneven" or more technically "out of plumb."  The freezing and warming of the ground..expanding and contracting over time is the cause of this issue.  Homeowners are often unaware of this condit...
Even in market periods of "Thinventory"...most Buyers opt to do an inspection. It may not always be a contingency. That means...the Buyer wants the Sellers' permission to do an inspection...but the results are a fact finding mission...not a reason to be released from the offer to purchase.    Th...
In niches  there are riches! If you are swimming in a field full of like-competitors, a unique name or different angle or presentation of your work or product may distinguish you amongst your peers.  It could be on the cusp of a trend or something in your area that is unique.  It could be based o...
You never have to worry about tiring of the Menu at Wine Maniacs...the courses are always a seasonal surprise and always complimented by just the right selection of wine...that does a dance on your tastebuds you are not likely to forget !  The Cool Kid Club...of which you can easily become a memb...

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