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I must admit that I have been learning as I try to become more adept at marketing.  I also do some other writing as well and am learning in that area also.  One thing that is very true, and I know always has been, is the "eye catcher", the thing that is going to attract attention.  In selling hom...
One of the things that I learned early in my career is that persistence is a needed trait in this industry.  Really in any sales arena.  As is true in many things "one shot" tactics or efforts normally do not produce very good results.  It is the person who stays the course, is consistent and per...
I have been in the mortgage business for quite a while.  Which in many cases only indicates that I am older than I was before.  But to really be in tune with what happens, to be a professional in what you do, you have to keep up with the changing times.  It is critical that you know what is happe...
Thinking is normally a pretty good thing.  It keeps our mind active, occupies time, and might actually lead to something productive every once in a while.  When business is good we are busy with the tasks at hand, writing contracts, taking applications, gathering documents, getting appraisals and...
Sometimes we have to take steps backward to go forward again.  I believe that this is what is happening to our industries at the moment.  The evolution of mortgages went from Conventional and FHA/VA with a few ARM's mixed in to absolute lunacy.  A feeling by buyers of entiltement was created.  I ...
I am going to a closing in just a little bit.  Yes, I do attend all my closings unless it is just impossible to do so.  As a loan officer I think it is very important as it allows me to be sure that everything goes smoothly. The closing I am going to be attending is for a purchase.  With 100% fin...

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