Since we are a lead generated company I was following up with some leads I recently pulled.  Some phone numbers are good...but for the ones that aren't, I wish they would just enter a really obvious dummy know like 555-1212 or 111-111-1111..This would save me and probably several oth...
Just thought I would share another article with everyone, what an exciting week for the boyz 
I just responded to a blog and I thought I would share my response with you. was wondering if anyone did anything for their clients.  I told him I do a Christmas Party.  I hold it the same time every year 2nd Saturday in Dec.  I have...
I recently picked up 2 clients, my first client contacted me about seeing a home.  I did my duty and asked her if she was working with an agent and had she signed an agreement, Yes, she was working with someone but no she didn't sign anything.  She said every house they went to see the agent said...
What up with the agents listing Bank owned properties?  Do they think since they are  representing the banks that they don't have to do their due diligence and sell the property?  I see so many bank owned listings on the market I am lucky if there is 1 picture.  How about the remarks or the descr...
Ok I admit, I am not perfect.  I do how ever try to return  my calls/emails in a timely fashion.  I do admit I blow some people off you know those pesky sales people (like myself)...My problem lies within the communication when you are waiting for an answer or a response to a question, you know s...
Why do people always assume because your married, there is no need for you to have or depend on the income of both husband & wife ?  Yes being married we can probably afford more than the average single person, but we still have to pay for it.  Therefore we both have to work.   Being a real estat...
For those who say an open house is a waste of time I beg to differ.  I just did an open house today, although the market is slow.  I had a chance to catch up on some phone calls and reading.  I did however have 2 people show.  A neighbor who was looking for a friend , who I am secretly waiting to...

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