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Sam Shueh has been a full time agent in Silicon Valley for over 10 years. He is a long time resident and been doing remodeling and investment properties even longer.



We have 49er team in our town. Their so so performance during the last season is not impressive.  So what? The stadium gets to host 2016 Superbowl.The Levi Stadium was constructed and completed in 2014 at the cost of $1.3 billion dollars as the home of 49er professional team in Santa Clara, Calif...
February 7, 2016 is scheduled for the Superbowl. Santa Clara Levi Stadium is hosting the game. It is a new stadium in the midst of Silicon Valley not far from my brokerage. How can Denver Brancos prevail in 2016 Super Bowl 50. It beats the heck out of me. Our home team stadium Levi Stadium is whe...
When relocating one needs to do their home work not to migrate to a state with high taxes if one can help it. I live in California and always thought local taxes are high but we are just number 5 with more sunshine than the others for the State taxes.  The following are 15 States with highest tax...
                                                       Sam Shueh   I have seen Google driverless cars on the freeways here in South San Francisco Bay for sometime. Although I try not to follow them to avoid being a casualty of science fantasy.   I know Amazon, Apple are secretly doing the same. T...
Tes·ti·mo·ny ˈtestəˌmōnē/ noun  a A formal written or spoken statement, especially one given in a court of law. evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something. a public recounting of a conversion or experience.     Majority of us will use an on-line source to determine cr...
Sam Shueh I was not aware of such community guideline in AR until very recently. During the past few months of engagement I did learn a thing or two and was not aware of the rule. We often ask and post same of similar blogs and by giving a similar link on an earlier blog is not professional here....
I was working on hot tubs and came across this old blog.  I never spent too long in the hot tub as I fear our heart or skin can react to heat. It is conceivable one can be bruised.  At a party or  cruise ship gym what do you do besides to indulge in some relaxation? You may but use your discretio...
     Weltanschauung -The ActiveRain Philosophy                                         Vas ist Weltasschauung?  Herr Sam ShuehWeltanschauung  (ˈvɛltanʃauʊŋ) n(Philosophy) a comprehensive view or personal philosophy of human life and the universe [from Welt world + Anschauung view]  “The key to ou...
Chrissi Chapman Topoleski -January Ringing and Singing in the Rain contest                                              by Sam Shueh  I contacted Chrissi today as a courtesy call for the AR Newbie contest. I decided to contact her since I have seen her actively on AR helping others as a Newbie. S...
Similar to Real Estate home prices which is based on local employment. Rental market foolws it.  When I graduate from college going to a new town, my first question was how much are the apartments here in town?  As a rule of thumb, towns with strong employment with many professionals entering the...

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Sam Shueh has been a full time agent in Silicon Valley for over 10 years. He is a long time resident and been doing remodeling and investment properties even longer.