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Real Estate is an all encompassing business, where the lines between work, friendship and social life are sometimes blurred. It is a "lifestyle" and a great career choice. So my blog will have a mix of practical advice, good ideas, industry tips and some of my hobbies & passions mixed in. Come join the fun!
-----Things to give up after 50---Oh Really?  Yes folks, I am over 50------hard to believe, with the spring still in my step and the “don't trust anyone over 30” attitude, Woodstock just a memory (from my older sister of course). A recent edition of the AARP Bulletin had this to say in the follow...
   Tips for the First Time Buyer-Home or Investment There are no investment rules that are “black and white” which means you can never say that in every case this is true. But these 3 basic rules have allowed me to “dodge many bullets” in changing economies. Whether you are thinking of your firs...
Have you been wrongfully or inappropriately foreclosed upon in 2010 and 2011? There may be recourse. The Office of Comptroller of the Currency is beginning a multi-faceted independent review of foreclosure actions. The major banks, B of A, Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, GMAC and EMC will have to ...
I've come out of the closet on Facebook, so to speak. When I first started using Facebook a few years ago, I didn't know what to make of it. Actually the first time I heard of it was on a tour bus in China, heading to the Great Wall on a day trip. I had spent the day with a few 20-somethings fro...
  Occupy San Diego Demonstration----99% of The Country is Feeling this Bad Economy. We're all in this together--young, old, rich poor, unemployed, homeless, teachers, police, doctors and business people. Let's all work together to make a better America for our children.  Peace.
The climate in San Diego is categorized as semi-arid or Mediterranean----no freezing temperatures in winter and very dry summers. Other countries which have a Mediterranean climate: Cental Chile, southwestern Australia, Western Cape in South Africa, and countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea....
  When I tell my friends I work with small to mid-sized San Diego income property investors, mostly everyone thinks I am talking about these guys----- but in fact I am talking about the small investor: the at home mom, the student who has a few extra dollars to invest, the young college grad who ...
  Here are 4 key need-to-knows to help you avoid getting a nasty surprise at the closing table.   Read my lips: no new bills (or other financial blips). Most savvy buyers know better than to run out and buy a car while they’re trying to buy a home.  But you’d be surprised at how many don’t think...
Cash Flow----Cash Flow----Wherefore Art Thou Cash Flow?   Most of my clients are investors, and I specialize in small to mid-sized income producing properties. When I have that first conversation with my client, invariably they will say “cash flow” is the most important thing and they will not lo...
  Had you asked me a year ago if I use Facebook, I would have said yes, I do..........on occasion........I check in with my nieces, family members and friends to share photos and see what everyone is up to. After all, who needs to talk on the phone if you can text, e-mail or FB? However over the...


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