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Real Estate is an all encompassing business, where the lines between work, friendship and social life are sometimes blurred. It is a "lifestyle" and a great career choice. So my blog will have a mix of practical advice, good ideas, industry tips and some of my hobbies & passions mixed in. Come join the fun!
The Cost of Title Insurance is Worth the Investment Fewer claims do not equate with a policy’s value  Whenever there’s an article in the news about title insurance, all too frequently there is criticism about the cost.  This perception occurs because there are fewer claims with title insurance co...
Do you find me boring, irrelevant, a pain in the neck? Does my work as a Realtor offend you, make you cringe, wish I lived on the moon? Well if not ---then---- why won't you read my Blog? Just thumb through my Blog. You will find information about Investing, 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, Tenant I...
I live in a small, peaceful condo complex in San Diego. I have been working at home for years, going into my office about twice a week. I love the peace and quiet of East County, and the complex's location right near a lake and park. So, in true So Cal fashion, I am unfashionable (according to Ma...
When you are in this business for 25+ years you think you have heard it all. But no----you haven't. It gets better and wierder. You try to tell your friends/spouse/kids but they just shake their heads and think you've lost it. Only other agents can fully understand what we go through in this bus...
   The Short Sale process is very difficult and a Buyer cannot be prepared enough to deal with all the pitfalls. The following Blog post sums it up very well!       Via Pacita Dimacali - ePRO, SRES, CDPE, Alain Pinel in Northern California (Alain Pinel): Thinking of buying a short sale property? ...
It is hot outside. Too hot to even go to the pool because the water's so warm that it doesn't cool you down. So what do you do if you live in a part of the nation taking a beating from this heat wave? You retreat indoors and crank up the AC. Then you gasp when you see the electric bill and start ...
    Escrow and Your Property Taxes   Escrowing property taxes is very common in the United States. Here you will learn how it works and whether it’s an option for you.       What Does it Mean to Escrow Property Taxes?   Escrowing your property taxes is a simple concept and useful tool for many pr...
          I always knew it was the thought that counts, but when you get a gift from a satisfied client-after 3 years- you really know the meaning of that.     My clients were in San Diego to inspect the home I manage for them and brought me a Napa Valley Select bottle of wine. I can't tell you h...
What does football have to do with real estate? Strategy plays a big part in football -----and so it does in Real Estate.     A large side of my business is helping my clients by finding tenants, and managing their single family homes, condos or townhomes until they are ready to sell. I then get...
Summer is one of the most popular seasons for holding a yard sale. It’s a great way to declutter your house, get ready for a move that may be in your future, or simply put a little spending money in your pocket. But simply holding a yard sale doesn't necessarily mean it’ll end in success. If you...


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