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A funny and clever twist on how NOT to go neutral.  The phrase "pantyhose colors" really demonstrates exactly what to avoid.  Thank you so much for putting this together, Michelle Molinari.Pantyhose Colors. That's what I call them and I see them in houses all the time. If it looks like flesh... a...
There is some excellent information provided here via these links.  Outdoor lighting and safety are key factors for any home, whether you are selling or not.  Well worth reading - thank you to Christina Edwards, Ohio based Realtor. Outdoor Lighting for Curb Appeal and Safety Well-planned outdoor ...
If your home is on the market during the holiday season, be sure to keep your festive decorating to a minimum.  It's much better to opt for "seasonal" decorations such as greenery, pinecones, white or silver candles rather than religious or cultural displays like the nativity scene or Santa and h...
Have you ever walked into a room and been overcome by the urge to re-arrange the furniture? Okay ... maybe not. Perhaps this is my own personal compulsion.So truth be told ... this happens often. Sometimes it's a waiting room, hotel lobby or even (heaven help me) a friend's home ! And yes, I've b...
After a job well done, it is so rewarding to see the clients reaction and squeals of delight.  There are always some teary eyes and lots of hugs.  I really do love what I do. "I would like to start by saying a huge thank you. Coming home and seeing the house we bought a few months ago transformed...
Just completed another 5 day redesign & staging course, welcoming two more members to the Canadian ReDesigners Association. Congratulations to Michele Pare of Beaconsfield, Quebec and Margaret Pereira of Mississauga, ON.  Good job, ladies. What was especially noteworthy for this class, was that a...
Attending the CRDA Conference in Toronto this past weekend was time and money well spent. What an amazing, action packed weekend of learning, sharing and fun! My thanks go out to the terrific Conference Committee - Carolyn Black, Lynn Lennox, Hilary Barichello, Lyn Gilchrist, Debra Miller, Amy Wr...
Mirrors are so versatile. They have a practical and functional application of course, but can also be used as purely decorative accessories. If that's your plan, always ensure that the mirror reflects a beautiful image of something else in the room or beyond the window. Do not hang them too high ...
Even though we are approaching the end of the gardening season, there is some great information within this post by Harry Logan.  Harry is located in Winnipeg so it wouldn't surprise me if he was already surrounded by snow !  But let's hope not.Landscaping and Gardening can be a low cost way to a...
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 8th!If you've already registered for the CRDA Annual Conference, thanks for your early confirmation.  We're looking forward to seeing you at the Hotel Novotel in Toronto.  We know you will enjoy and benefit from the program.If you haven't yet registered...

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