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I thought this was an interesting post and wanted to share it.  The original entry was provided by Cindy Bryant. From what I've heard and read there are certain colors that obviously appeal to men versus women that are pleasing.  Makes sense, we're wired differently.  I know what colors I like, b...
Excellent information provided here, and this is something that homeowners often overlook when preparing their homes for sale.It's everywhere, that shiny brass!  You see it on doorknobs, light fixtures, cabinet pulls, faucets and more.  When I do staging consults, recommending that people update ...
A colleague of mine sent me the 2010 Blogging Calendar - a list of "funny, strange and do-good observances you can blog about all year".  Now clearly they're trying to drive me crazy ... it appears that yesterday (January 14) was "ORGANIZE YOUR HOME DAY".  But didn't I j...
Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR first of all. Apparently, today is "National Clean your Desk Day" and in honour of that I've already filled half a garbage bag. How does that happen? Stuff accumulates - that's a fact. And I am not a pack rat. If you can't tackle it all in one day - just pick a drawer, shelf ...
As you know, the ladybug is part of my logo. This beautiful little bug is also well recognized as a symbol of good luck. When I looked out my patio door yesterday, I noticed there were hundreds of ladybugs perched upon it. I realize they're probably everywhere at this time of year, but I'm going ...
The Canadian ReDesigners Association (CRDA) developed a NEW LOGO over the past few months, as well as launching a new website.  I much prefer these colours to the old one (washed out mauve).  We chose red to represent a Canadian entity and also to reflect that much needed pop of colour for real e...
Our friends south of the border may find this hard to believe and hard to swallow if their real estate situation has not yet seen an upswing in sales.  But apparently the Toronto market is HOT, as some of my Realtor colleagues will agree.  This story appeared on the front page of The Toronto Star...
Well summer has officially arrived and in the GTA it's been very HOT.  I'm not complaining ... this warm weather was long overdue and much anticipated.  But no matter what the conditions, you can always hear someone commenting on the weather.When selling your home at this time of year, you want t...
A home owner painting his garage doors.  Big deal, you say?  Ahhh, but you should see the crazy colors on this particular street.  Thankfully, he had chosen a beautiful blue / gray shade that complemented the brick tone perfectly.  Could he have had professional help?  I'm not sure but was glad t...
I was invited to speak at the YWCA Niagara Region on May 20th (along with several other dynamic women).  The event was a Skilled Trades Career Exploration Information / Inspiration Session.  Tricia Graves, Job Developer at the YWCA pulled together a fabulous event for women in transition - search...

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