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Thanks for this blog. I too am focused on Women in Business and love it when I read other articles by smart and successful women!Women have spent decades in a fight for equality with their male counterparts, and it finally seems as though that struggle is bearing some fruit. The salary gap is now...
Technology Tip For My Husband-Kodak "Printing On The Go!" Are you kidding! I clicked on the contests and read the Kodak-"Printing On the Go" Blog and thought I actually might have a tip for my very techie husband that will be news to him. My wonderful husband and business partner with The Corriga...
It Took A Toilet To Change My Thinking! Three times a week I go to a doctor who for over 50 years has helped people create breakthrough in releasing weight forever. A couple of years ago I found him and lost a serious amount of weight, over 50 lbs. I am like many who have now gained some weight b...
Thank you Elliott! Chase, Bank of America, are dragging their feet in terms of helping our short sale clients. Recently I was told that the banking system plans to make money on the slightest human flaw. I pray someone or a bunch of someones can figure out how to clean up this mess!There comes a ...
"Bring Your Business Back to Life" Business CPR in Denver! Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to be with The Crankset Group at the weekly Business Leaders Insight lunch at Del Friscos in the Denver Tech center. This event is still the best kept secret in Denver for small business owners (alt...
I know Ruth personally and she is a great teacher and resource in the Denver real estate and mortgage community. She is a master at this stuff and always generous to share tips to help others create great businesses. Thanks Ruth! You Rock!How to drive business from Facebook Fan Pages The followin...
Bank of America You Are Still A Mess! Nine months ago a sweet couple who ran into a series of bad events and an ever softening real estate market called us to ask us to short sale their condo. A few short years ago they bought it new for 140K and this same condo is now worth about 70K or less. Th...
This is a great post to address the many comments about being a "Featured Member" on Active Rain. This is good to bookmark and refer to often. Thanks Brad! There is only "ONE WAY" you can be the featured member.  It's Points!  You have to have the most points... period!  It is not based on your s...
STARBUCKS, EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH A RED CUP! Colorado is snowy, typical for an April day. I needed a day away from people. I am working from home, a benefit of being a small business owner. My morning has been spent catching up on email, being social on Facebook & Twitter (Thanks Chuck Blakema...
Become a Remarkable Rain Maker! This is such great information from Active Rain and with new active rain members every day, it is a great post! Thank you for always being willing to help us get better and be better at what we do to serve people!Our active members and their generous contribution t...

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