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Let's get working on that credit report!  By now you know what you owe and that ultimately, and unfortunately, you have to pay it back. That part really sucks doesn't it? This is probably going to be my longest blog so far, so be patient with me as I walk you through to the best of my ability how...
Hopefully by now you have pulled your credit report....AND....talked with a Lender.  But, if you are a procrastinator, my worst fault, you have not. Shame Shame Shame.... I received an email today from a Mortgage Lender I work with and I absolutely had to share this link with you. It will help yo...
Ok, here is the first step. Are you ready? It's really tough... PULL YOUR CREDIT REPORT!!!!! How do you know where you stand if you have absolutely NO IDEAwhat's on your credit report? Unfortunately this is how you are measured in the "financial world". It doesn't matter that you are a nice perso...
We've all heard the phrase atleast once in our lives "living within your means". The phrase simply means, you spend more than you make. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am very close with my family, and to this day, my extremely successful Father will still come up to me and say, "Daughter....y...
Dear Potential/Confused Buyer, So you want to achieve the dream of home ownership right? YEAH!!!! Besides being the biggest financial decision you will make, this is also the biggest roller coaster ride you will ever find yourself on.  Lucky for you, I am at the control panel and I'm going to mak...
For those of you who missed out on the Home Run Housing Grant in Utah last spring, you now have a 2nd chance. If you combine this $4,000 Grant with the $8,000 Federal First Time Buyer Tax Credit you can save up to $12,000 on a new home this year. It's should be a  "No Brainer" for those of you wh...
We have already established that you are going into foreclosure. So what now? What is the process once I realize that I am headed down the foreclosure path? A Notice of Default has been filed with the County you live in and you will receive a copy by mail. You have approximately three months (in ...
I am going to TRY and take you through the process of foreclosures the best that I can. I'm also going to try and explain them in the way that I wish I would have been told. Why does everyone need to be so complex? So, let's start from the beginning and see if we can cover some ground. Okay, so I...
To all my friends, clients and the confused.... So you want to sell your home, right? You owe more than what you can sell for, don't you? Scary words for someone to hear when getting ready to sell your home. So what are your choices? What can you do? You don't want to risk going into foreclosure ...
I put this on my facebook page from a post a friend of mine had. I believe in this with all my heart - we must NOT text while driving. It is so painful to think that life can be taken in a second. THIS is an instance where it can be prevented. This is very graphic, you may want to be alone when y...

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