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This is an Email exchange between one of my coaching clients and myself.  My coaching client had a string of Emails from a client who was complaining .  This buyer has had every excuse of why not to buy.  This is the return email that I asked him to write to get him off the fence.  Maybe it will ...
I have had many agents ask me what thirty years of hearing the same objection over and over again will allow you to do.  My answer is below, but I do have one really need to help these people to not make a mistake when they consider renting high priced residential property that was n...
Question: Hi, Walter.  I'm an agent in Naperville, IL.  Just thought you'd get a kick to know that last weekend I was at a thrift store and found some real estate materials. One of them was your 'The Modular Listing Presentation" video and manual. I think I paid $3 for it. I liked it and really l...
Here's a question that maybe you were too afraid to ask or too afraid to hear the answer! Question: What are the methods, strategies, and best practices for motivating buyers in this challenging market and one that will perhaps return to a new normal in 2010?   Answer: One of the largest challeng...
Below is a recent inquiry about my investment program, and I thought it might help others in getting started on their investment portfolio in the best time EVER to start!Question:Hi, Mr. Sanford. I was hoping you could explain further your analysis method to me. I read this in an article and am i...
Here was a question sent to me about creating packages for specific neighborhoods. I thought I'd share to give you some good ideas from Christopher and hopefully a good "gem" or two from me!Question:Hello, Walter. I missed you at the Marriott the other week, but I've already got all of your kits ...
Walter has a very definite treatise on technology implementation as best defined in the following letter recently written to a peer that represents one of the most successful companies in the area.   Thank you for allowing us to be put into consideration for your upcoming conference.  It is my un...
Many people are starting over and finding that the other careers are not working as planned and also finding that you can only be on vacation so long.  Real estate is still the best, but you have to remember, if you want this career in a straight-line market, you got to work it just like I told t...
Getting along in an office can be frustrating.  You have so many considerations.  Even though you may be right, you must consider the damage to the relationship you have with the other agent in the office, with your broker, and the other agents in the office.  Don't forget your client who might h...
I never understood all that complaining about yearly dues.  The legal help lines, the continuing education opportunities, the store, and the new technology were all items that I used every year.  Don't forget about the Christmas Ball, too!  In the last couple of years, I have had the opportunity ...

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