While reading some additional ibuyer articles in active rain I ran across a google ad for Opendoor that read Sell Your Home to Opendoor - A Free Cash Offer in 24 Hours, and this made me think what do consumers/homeowners think when they see these iBuyer websites and ads.  Through the last few yea...
Free iBuyer Real Estate WebsiteMany real estate agents are being caught off guard when it comes to the iBuyer revolution. They are treating it like oh that thing over there. The fact most if not all agents are losing money to the iBuyer business model. With a Free iBuyer Real Estate Website from ...
We are looking to connect investors with our homes for sale in the Greater Phoenix Area.Investors Get on our Real Estate Investment list @ | Simply Email us your target price, area, and your cell phone number. Then we will add you to our platform to kick you out opportunities...
Adding an outdoor fireplace can be a great way to liven up your backyard or patio area. Not only do outdoor fireplaces provide a unique visual aesthetic, they can also serve a functional purpose. Even though it’s outside in the open air, the heat produced by an outdoor fireplace can actually keep...
Homes for sale the Rancho El Dorado Golf Course Community 👀Eye Catching Home For Sale 👀Just $255,000 👈🏼4bd 🛌| 3ba 🛁 | 2,623 sqft | 3 Car Garage 🏎| Golf Course Community 🏌️‍♂️ Click for more details and photos Call our local Maricopa Realtors to see this beautiful home before...
 When it happens it is never quite what you expected, but sometimes the most important elements in your life change rapidly, and you find yourself having to move in a time crunch. As it first occurs, you may feel yourself at the brunt end of a very unforgiving and demanding market and you may dou...
Are you a real estate investor in the city of Maricopa Are you a real estate investor in the city of Maricopa looking for residential real estate deals that you can either buy and hold or buy and flip, and you need a steady stream of homes? Then you will want to complete this form t...
Short Sale Help in the City of Maricopa   For several different reasons homeowners find themselves in the need of local real estate expert guidance on how to get out of their current mortgage, so they can move on. Sometimes sickness strikes, other times employment issues occur, and other times re...
 Having a top-notch yard presence is the first thing that many people notice about a property. Keeping it freshly mowed, with various colors of flowers and shrubs takes a lot of time, and we are now in the season where many people are thinking about entertaining at home more frequently. As many o...

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