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Blog about internet marketing concepts and ideas for the real estate industry. I am also a Zillow employee, so you will find occasional updates and information about the Zillow in my blog content as well.
Just wanted to let you know about these events that are rolling out across the US.  I have heard agents rave about what they are learning at it.  Nik Nik just created this video to describe the day.  Click on it to watch it, it's fun!  The next one is in Seattle on August 18th, then they are head...
Just in case there is anyone out there that doesn't think professional photography isn't worth it, let me submit a few examples to show that it is.  I had taken some photos of my house, but when we decided to list it for sale, I knew the pictures I had taken weren't going to do the home justice. ...
Zillow released our quarterly trends report this week, and a lot of was good news/bad news (I guess that's better than bad news/bad news).  What I mean by this is, that there are some positive trends, but behind each of these is a potentially lurking down side.  What makes it so hard to analyze t...
This is a dedication post to say goodbye to one of the true pioneers of the, Joseph Ferrara, or as many of you know him by, Sellsius.  For those unfamiliar, a few very short months ago Joe was diagnosed with brain cancer. Unfortunately this week he has passed on.  He was a lawyer by trade ...
This is a very interesting read.  I appreciated reading the orginal post, but be sure to link over and read it on Lenn's site becaue Jeff's comments are equally as interesting (#21) as well as Lenn's response to him (#22).  Bottom line - it is important to work with a professional when going thro...
So we've all seen Minority Report where Tom Cruise walks into the Gap and starts seeing ads specifically targeted to him.  "How did those assorted tank tops work out for you Mr. Yakomoto? [he'd had has eyeball transplant at this point of the movie].
I am LOVING Nutshell Mail.  It makes keeping up with your Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter accounts a snap.  Simply go to www.nutshellmail.comand enter your information.  It takes about five minutes to customize.  Then, depending on the frequency you set, you'll receive an email with a rou...
Got another educational opportunity to pass along to you!  Traditionally Inman has held two real estate events each year, a winter one in NYC and a Summer/Fall event in San Francisco.  The events tend to put an emphasis on technology, which is why I enjoy them so much.  This year Inman is trying ...
The British are coming!  The British are coming!  Ok, maybe they aren't British, but they are coming from just as far.  Yup, the gang from Seattle is coming to Boston to deliver another exciting day of Raincamp in Boston! Soon they'll be delivering sweet FREEDOM from ineffective online marketing!...
This is a really cool video about living in small houses - or "living with less".  It is interesting to watch the trends as people desire to live in less square footage than what was popular even just a few years ago.  While this is taking it pretty extreme - in a lot of ways, this sort of looks ...


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