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This afternoon, my daughters and I took our kitten to the vet for his booster shots.  Along the way, we saw a group of men in orange jumpsuits picking up trash along the interstate.  My Tall One snorted and said, "Criminals!"OK, wait.  Yes, they did something wrong to get where they were, but I d...
Jason Price started this and my first thought was, “Where do we hang out?  We’re always home.”  Well, yes, we are, in the family room specifically.  Jay is playing Playstation 3, I’m here in Active Rain, Little One is on the family computer and Tall One is reading.  We are usually either connecte...
I've said this several ways in my blog already, so forgive me for going over old territory. But I'm going to, so there!The things you believe about yourself actually make up who you are.  I don't believe that you think magical thoughts and have wonderful things pop into your life, and yes, I have...
It's FRIIIIIIDAAAAAY!!! Have you had a hard week? Ready for a fun weekend? Me, too! Time to blow off some steam!I don't know about the rest of you across the country, but around here we know how to have fun with what's at hand. If you need a little inspiration for your own weekend, here's what so...
I have a friend who could use a laugh.  This has nothing to do with real estate, but as I seem to keep claiming lately, "My blog!"  (In tone of Captain Jack Sparrow, who doesn't fight fair and reminds Will, "Pirate.")This goes back to my years as a bank teller in a big city in another state.  I t...
Let's talk about something people don't like to discuss.  Hey, it's my blog and it's on my mind.  I'm writing it.I've been married now for 16 years.  I love my husband, and I KNOW I have a good one.  How do I know?  Well, because things weren't always this way. I had a very brief first marriage. ...
Last summer, my family took in an exchange student from Japan. She was actually the daughter of one of my penpals, so we had "known" her for years. This was one of the best things we've done as a family. Anna was so much fun, and we did so much more together because we wanted her to have the good...
Yes, it's West Virginia Day, it's our 144th birthday!  (Go on, tell us we don't look a day over 120!  You flatterer, you!)This is a kind of holiday for us and there are lots of special things going on.  One of my favorites is Blenko's special limited edition birthday vase.  This year there will b...
Data from the U.S. Census Bureau was analyzed by the Associated Press to find what an "Average American" might be.  The people of Illinois are most like the rest of the nation in terms of race, age, income, eduction, immigration and living conditions.Who was on the bottom of the list, least like ...

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