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Easy answer: YOU DO.  From the moment you write and publish an original article, it is copyrighted and protected as your intellectual property.  The copy and paste feature along with loads of content all over the internet makes it very easy for sploggers to steal work and publish it as their own...
Meet Susan Reynolds.  Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Susan is an ordinary person and never expected to have cancer.  Who does? She discovered something that is true, but kind of sad.  When you have something seriously wrong with your body, people become uncomfortable.  At a time when y...
Last night we went to my team leader’s house for a Christmas party.  We were having a good time, enjoying the food and the company of each other and our families.  It was getting late and I looked across the room at Little One.  She used the American Sign Language alphabet to say to me, “I’m tir...
The online world is a whole different place.  There is no sense of distance.  Friends in New England, Florida or California might as well be as close as my neighbors.  We get to talk, laugh and learn from each other in places that didn’t even exist a few years ago. We’re creating whole new world...
Welcome to my 400th post on Active Rain.  (Public count is different, don't get excited.) Yesterday Copyscape informed me that someone had duplicated the content of my outside blog, The Putnam Scoop.  When I checked out the site, it had my Scoop posts listed under Real Estate West Virginia, so I...
 Two hour school delay.  Why am I awake?? 
We’ve had Christmas #1 at my house already, and my brother and sister in law got me a book of quotes called “The 2,548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said”, selected and compiled by Robert Byrne. I do believe he’s probably right, and as a kind of book review I offer some of the quotes that we really l...
Yes, it’s time for Christmas shopping, and I’m sure you have people on your list that just make you wonder what the heck you can get for them.  If you live around here, let me give you a big hint: Blenko.  If you think it might be a good idea to give something beautiful, you want Blenko. If you ...
The fountain at Marshall University will be turned off tomorrow.  If you’ve seen the movie “We Are Marshall”, you know why. November 14, 1970, the DC-9 carrying Marshall’s football team, coaches and some of their fans clipped some trees just before the Tri-State Airport and crashed.  All 75 aboa...

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