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This is my all time favorite, The Beast. We've been friends since I was a teenager. And here is his son, Son of Beast. Anyone want to meet up next summer at King's Island in Ohio and try 'em out?
Tall One has started reading my Stephen King books.  I was her age when I first “discovered” him, and I love that she’s reading my old books.  She’s starting with Salem’s Lot and snuck it to school.  She brought it home, amazed, and told me to look in the front.  There was my name in my loopy te...
Sorry, Jeff.  No disrespect intended at all.  But that’s how I felt when your wife Rocky thought something I wrote was good enough for her Mothers Fighting For Others blog.  I will admit that I don’t feel worthy to be there.  I mean, take a look at their writers page!  It starts with Rocky Turne...
I just got done watching “We Are Marshall”.  Around here we just call it “the Marshall movie”.  I am probably the last person in West Virginia to watch this movie.  I wanted to while it was at the theater.  Somehow I didn’t.  I bought the movie as soon as it came out.  It’s been sitting with the...
Except I have three cats.  And they have learned to work together.
This morning I looked through our MLS at listings that have expired.  I looked only at residential listings that expired within the last two weeks.  This is a small area so we only had 68.  Well, “only” is in the eye of the beholder.  We could also say that in this small area, 68 families were u...
A while back, Tall One was upset with me because I hadn’t taught her about “the classics.” Her idea of “classic” was a little different from mine. What she meant was movies I grew up watching. *Sigh* I must have skipped “retro” and gone straight to “classic” in her mind. Well, I couldn’t let her...
I’ve been feeling a little too helpless lately.  Friends and family members are having serious, life threatening health problems, and there’s not a darn thing I can do about any of it.  It’s out of my hands. I HATE feeling helpless.  And I hate to be afraid.  When I was in high school I was afra...
We are SO LUCKY.  We got into this blogging thing early, when there are very few “rules”.  Since it’s such a brand new thing, we get to invent it ourselves.   Ooooh, boy!!  So yes, we all have opinions on what a blog should be, and sometimes we clash.  ...
A friend told me that he saw something cool the other day and almost started to turn around to tell me about it – but of course I wasn’t there.  He’s just so used to telling me stuff that his first urge was to turn and talk to me. The really cool part about this – we’ve never even met in real li...

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