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I’m thinking too much about life and death lately.  I have to let some of it out. My lovely computer, who adores me and lives only to serve, whispers, “Tell me, Sarah.  I want to hear it all.”  Here you go, baby.  I heard today that Bruce Bourgault died.  I thoug...
Written because “Hot Mike” told me to.  And he told me not to think first (did he think I did that??) so this is off the cuff. Hmm, I have three main jobs.  I love my Realtor job because it keeps moving, it’s different every day and I get challenged at every turn.  I don’t want things to be easy...
                        My teammate Georgeann has had a bad run of car luck lately.  Here is just the latest, she ran her granddaughter's car up ONTO a decorative rock in our parking lot.  It may be hard to tell, that front tire is a couple inches off the ground.  She shifted that rock pretty wel...
You might be surprised to learn that the most dangerous animal in West Virginia is our deer.  If you live in West Virginia, you are more likely than anyone else in the country to have a car accident that involves a deer.  In fact, according to State Farm, you have a 1 in 57 chance of hitting a d...
Tall One came home from school the other day with a fabulous smile on her face.  She told me she had a GREAT day, and then told me why.  She and her friends have invented “Hug Day”.  Each of them was assigned a day, and that day everyone would hug them.  It had been Tall One’s Hug Day.  I though...
I’m a West Virginia girl, through and through.  Yesterday I took my family to our State Capitol Building in Charleston because it is beautiful and it is ours.  Reason enough! We started our visit with the West Virginia Veteran’s Memorial.  Once I was done crying (sorry kids) we moved on to the C...
Today I took my family to the Capitol Grounds in Charleston. I went because it’s one of my favorite places and I hadn’t been there in so long. But I saw something that I just didn’t expect to see. I’d never been in the War Memorial. It’s a beautiful tribute – four curved walls make a circle that...
WARNING: This is a blatant attempt to try to get you to comment on an outside blog!!!Those of you who are new may not remember the Codgers, who were (I believe) the very best thing about Active Rain.  I even said as much here.  Well, the Codgers are now somewhat disbanded, and now Jay Merton and ...
I don’t watch TV much anymore (my computer talks back to me sometimes, the TV never does), but the girls and I love Ellen DeGeneres and her show.  Jeff Turner sent me a link about this, and then I saw it on the news … and I’m still upset about it. Ellen is an animal lover, and she adopted a litt...

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