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I recently switched brokerages.  Everyone has been really nice, but I’ve realized I have a reputation as a “tech” person. I am somewhat of a geek, but I’m no techie.  I’ve tried to explain a couple times that I’m not, but some of these people are still trying to get comfortable with turning a co...
Thank you … … that every time I wondered if I could do something, you knew I could. … that I never scared you with my “what the hells”.  … for putting up with the way I want to adopt half the world.  Sorry about all the pets.  And your allergies. … for being the best Dad ever to our kids. … for ...
I’ve been trying to think about the “big secret” in Hurricane, West Virginia.  If I had a new client moving in from somewhere else, what would be the most important thing to clue them in about?  I’ve been mulling it over …. While I was thinking about it, I walked down to the bus stop to get my L...
Last weekend I took my family to the Criel Mound in South Charleston. It’s such a fixture in our area that it’s usually just called “the mound” and is used as a traffic landmark. We don’t talk about the mound so much as its relation to the shops and businesses that have grown up around it. But I...
I just talked to a friend of mine, and something he said led me to tell him this story.  I don’t talk about this, I’ve only told a handful of people, because I’m afraid it makes me sound crazy.  But it’s real, so why should I care how it makes me sound?  I thought he needed a little God, a littl...
Small town Friday night, football game.  Goofy older guy dancing a crazy pantomime to show us where to park. Patience with the parent volunteer who has trouble with “Two adults and three children please.”  Really, what’s the rush honey, take your time. I ordered hot chocolate – the entire conces...
         So, what was your real estate school like?  Mine was about a nine week course pounded down into a two week package, and its sole intent was to get me to pass a test.  I had a GREAT teacher (Spruce School of Real Estate, if you’re local and thinking about it) and he prepared me VERY well,...
Today Little One had to go to the optometrist.  I couldn’t believe the array of technical equipment used to measure every facet of her eyes and vision.  (I was thankful yet again that my husband has good insurance!) As a curious person, I wanted to see everything for myself.  They were so sweet ...

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