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So Jason Sardi is in pursuit of the perfect sentence, one that “explains it all”.  He thinks the world can be summed up in a simple sentence, and he’s going to find it, or write it. I believe in that boy, but thankfully, this time he’s wrong.  You cannot explain away the world in a sentence.  Th...
On a recent Saturday morning, I took my family on a field trip to Huntington, West Virginia.  We visited the Pink Bridge at Ritter Park, had lunch and shopped at Pullman Square and then on the way out, stopped at Frostop for a root beer. There is no better root beer.  Period. Frostop takes me ba...
Ritter Park , Huntington, WV Click to View Show My family and I spent a recent Saturday morning in Ritter Park. The main point of our visit was to see the pink bridge. I have friends who are battling cancer, and I loved the quiet reminder of a pink bridge. I imagine people driving over it on the...
We have a pink bridge in Huntington.  It might take some people by surprise, but around here we know what it means.  A guy named Jason Sansom painted one of the bridges at Ritter Park pink to raise awareness about breast cancer.  It makes a subtle statement, and personally I like it and what it ...
Breakfast from Tudor’s Biscuit World is one of our family’s traditions.  Every Sunday morning my husband runs out and picks us up some biscuits.  This Sunday hubby and Tall One needed to sleep late, so I took Little One for a little one-on-one breakfast date.  Instead of driving through, we ate ...
This morning Georgeann and I went across the street to Teays Valley Flowers & More to get flowers for a coworker.  We braved the traffic of Teays Valley Road and just hoofed it.I hadn't been there in a while I was surprised at their pretty arrangements and very reasonable prices.  We found what w...
Tall One asked me yesterday about the Blue Man Group. One of her friends was excited because they're touring, and they'll be in Charleston on November 6th for their "How to be a Megastar" Tour. Check out tour dates and buy tickets here, if you like. Having never heard of them, Tall One had no ide...
Janet Guilbault gave me a writing assignment.  She said in a comment that she wanted to hear more from people about how they fell in love with their own house.  So maybe that wasn’t an assignment, but I took it that way.  Give me a topic and stand back, I’ll write!I’ve shown these pictures before...

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