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This one is for the Random Readers Book Report. And trust me, it’s pretty random. I wrote a post not long ago where I asked what you would do if you weren’t afraid. I Googled the question and it led me to some interesting places, including to a book and website called PostSecret. Post Secret beg...
Never does the human soul appear so strong as when it forgoes revenge, and dares forgive an injury.  ~E.H. Chapin I know a little something about forgiveness.  I’ve wronged and been wronged in my life, which I'm sure is the story with pretty much all of us.  Some are little everyday things that ...
This is a call to ACTION!  Our own Nick the Appraiser  is raising money for the non-profit agency Hugs for Kids.  The main goal of Hugs for Kids is preventing child abuse and neglect by teaching expectant mothers to care for their newborns and providing the support and aid that they will need to...
Kanawha County, my next door neighbor (and good friend), recently had a vote to see if they would allow table gaming.  The votes were tallied and gaming won by 33 votes.  Then they found 64 uncounted votes at the bottom of a canvas bag.  Whoops!  Still anyone's ballgame, right?But now we've learn...
While writing my last post, I added the question, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?"  That's one of my favorite questions.  I got curious, and I Googled it.  If you look here, you'll see a list of anonymous answers, some silly, some very serious.I just asked a few people myself.  I heard:...
I’m a fan of our local Humane Society and I support their efforts to find homes and provide care for Putnam County’s pets.  Fashion Unleashed August 18th from 2:00 to 4:00 at the Hurricane Community Center at Valley Wave Pool.Animal inspired fashions for people, all for saleRefreshments, music, ...
We had a family reunion recently, and through the wonders of the internet I reconnected with a cousin of mine who wasn’t even there.  Doug is my older cousin and one of my childhood idols. (Did you know that, Doug?  Bet you did!)  And now that he's found my blog and I have him totally distracted...
When I think of my childhood, my memories often pull me back to a creek. Those were days when you could let the kids go out to play, not see them again until dinner time and not worry about it. If you couldn’t find me, I was in the creek. Some of my happiest childhood memories had my feet in a c...
So this is what happens when you get hit with some good blog fodder.  Even if you have a million other things that HAVE to get done, you can’t do them until you get this one thing out of your head first.  TLW, my Active Rain “Mom”, did a very nice thing for me today, and part of it was “The Para...

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