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A big HELLO to all in the Active Rain Family! I've been absent for quite a while now and thought I would return and write about what Active Rain has done for me. I ran across this site sort of by accident in looking for ways to market on the Internet, and at first I thought this site was a bit l...
How many of you wonder what is happening on your computer when something seems to be going on but you don't know what?  Happens to me quite frequently.   I get emails from a site known as  and today they have a give-away that offers a much better Task Manager than the task m...
Adding Your Active Rain Blog To Your Website I was reading a BLOG  about one method of adding your blog to your website.  I would like to also offer you two more methods which may work for you. I have a website for another business I own, and I wanted to add a discussion board.  I created the bo...
The 50,000 Dollar Blog!  Ooops, I meant 50,000 Points Blog. We do get a dollar per point...right?  NO?   Fine, then I will just go to bed and dream that I do. I've seen a lot of Milestone Blogs, for hitting the first 10K, 25k, 50k, 100k, and so on.   So I thought, ok, I'll do one too.  Blogging ...
The Perfect Picture: Software to help The Perfect Picture:  Software to help when your pics aren't what you expected. Are you having problems with some of your photo's?   Not everyone is a great photographer.  We can't all get that perfect lighting, or that perfect angle and in today's economy, ...
The Real Estate Industry is a truly interesting creature.  It has it's ups and it's downs.  During the up years, everyone flourishes, even those who don't really work hard.  The down years, however,  separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls.  Only the strong survive! The down ...
Do you need to put a Watermark on your pictures? Last week I posted about free software that would allow you to do this. This week, the same website is offering an even better program for watermarking. Here is the web address: On this site you...
Giveaway of the Day Batch Image Watermarker I receive an email each day of free software give-aways...available only until midnight. Todays (10/23/08) is a Batch Image Watermarker. For those of you who want to protect your images with watermarks, you may want to look at this software. I will off...
Chocolate - How I broke the habit! I learned 4 or 5 years ago that I was on my way to diabetes. That was a bit scary, as I lost both of my dad's parents when I was young to diabetes. One of our Christian Radio stations has a lot of health shows and they had a weekly seriers on diabetes. Doctors ...
From the Best to the Worst We have several Christian Radio Stations in our city, so I have a choice of things to listen to depending on my preferences for the day. One day I heard an AWESOME sermon, and I just have to share the main point with you, as I think it shows how important our dependanc...

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