Its trendiness fluctuates from time to time, but the mid century modern look of furniture and architecture is still admired and appreciated for its simplicity.   This style originated to match the growing technology after World War II and was actually meant for rural areas to make the constructio...
There is currently a strong seller's market still thriving in Alachua County.  With a large population of buyers and fewer sellers on the market, inventory is low and selling fast.  While this is making it harder for buyers who are eager to move, it's great news for those who are looking to sell ...
Jargon can be confusing and intimidating if you are unfamiliar with the topic.  When it comes to real estate, it is important to understand the vocabulary that is used.  "Learn Real Estate Jargon" is a helpful article that gives examples of phrases and acronyms and provides their meaning to ensur...
Summer is the time of year when pesky mosquitoes come out.  They are drawn to people's body heat and their bites create bright red and very itchy bumps.  While these are hard to avoid in the heat of the summer, there are tips and tricks on how to repel them and treat the bites.Putting up any kind...
I'm always amazed how much time/money agents spend on generating leads, and how little they spend on converting them.  I'm a non-compete broker and 2 yrs ago I turned my lead distribution over to LeadRobin, a system that not only automates distribution, but guarantees that every lead is answered ...
Hamilton Heights is a peaceful subdivision located in Gainesville, Florida, consisting of large lots at reasonable prices.  Placed conveniently near I-75 and Jonesville, residents of Hamilton Heights comment on the calm environment and the neighborly people.  The 1970's homes have elegant finishe...
Improvements are coming to the Ocala International Airport this year. As soon as December, passengers will enjoy 17,500 square feet, nearly three times the size of the current main terminal!Read more about updates coming to the Ocala International Airport this year.
Finances, family, or work stressing you out?  Take a deep breath and read this article on how yoga can relieve stresses.  Learn about different types of yoga and various studios located in the Ocala area.
Interested in buying a home but unsure you're ready for that commitment?  Did you know that many renters qualify for an affordable home mortgage?Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of buying vs. renting in this article.
You heard that right, Tech City is coming to the City of Alachua. Plans include the tallest rock climbing wall in the world and “solar trees.”Learn more about the plans and opportunities for San Felasco Tech City in this article.


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