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We see a lot of "For Sale by Owner" (FSBO) signs out there these days. There are several reasons for this, the main one probably being the idea of saving the commission that a Realtor® will earn by selling your Franklin county home. Keep your eyes on these FSBO signs and you'll soon come to reali...
When Santa was just a little guy, most St. Clair homes that put up Christmas lights used the incandescent type. The lights were very pretty, of course, but they put off a lot of heat which can cause a fire, plus they used quite a bit of electricity. Santa's now a bit older and lighting has grown ...
You may not realize that the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team not only offers homebuyers help in buying the home they're going to live in, but we also offer assistance to novice and experienced real estate investors who are looking for income-generating properties, but don't want the hassle of manag...
    A little while back, we discussed here about how you can obtain a credit report to see why your credit is what it is before you go shopping for your St. Clair dream house. Another number you will need to know is your credit score. To find out what your credit score is go to CreditKarma, where...

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