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Scott has owned and operated a full service home inspection company since 1995. Serving a 100 mile radius of Nashville, Tennessee.
With January being Radon Awareness Month, I thought I would share a few things I have discovered in Spring Hill and Thompson's Station, TN.  WE HAVE RADON PROBLEMS! In the past few weeks, I have found high levels of radon in several areas in Spring Hill and Thompson's Station and it is widespread...
Southern  Ten CommandmentsThis is much easier to remember!!!Ten  CommandmentsSome people have trouble  with all those 'shall's' and 'shall not's' in  the Ten Commandments.. Folks just aren't used to  talking in those terms. So, in middle Tennessee  they translated the 'King James' into ' Jackson ...
What a great title, song and ...  If you can recall the mid 1960's then you are one of the lucky ones!  During the Christmas season, I always look back and remember when life was simple and good. Life was simpler back then, we did not have cell phones, nor fax machines and you could buy a gallon ...
Well I'm sure we have all seen this type of statement on a brochure or on a listing before.  Over the years I have learned that 75% of the time this is CODE for "Buyer beware" and it just makes me look a little harder to see what I can find that was covered up. Today's inspection was on a 125 yea...
If your siding, car, fence or any other surfaces around your house have broken out with a rash of black or dark-brown specks that do not want to come off, you are probably at war with something called Artillery fungus. I have seen this on many homes over the years, but I have noticed a drastic in...
I know that just about everyone has heard about companies that clean the air ducts in homes. The typical way to clean the air ducts is to place a round bristle brush about the same inside diameter as the pipe.  It is either pushed or pulled through the pipe.  Many times it also has a vacuum sucti...
After seeing in person several homes with Chinese drywall and seeing the Red Flags in those homes of what to look for I have compiled a simple list that will give you a good start in the search to see if your home has this problematic drywall in it: Use you sense of smell.  If you detect a sulfur...
Five Simple Steps for a Happy and Cool Summer! Summer is upon us!  Today in Nashville TN, my A/C was on and it was not the first time this year! Just a few weeks ago we were in the mid 80's.  The following easy steps we help homeowners in preventing a few problems from occurring with their A/C sy...
When the Obama Administration recently announced the Making Home Affordable Program it also opened the door to more mortgage scams!  This was or is not the intent of this program.  It is designed to assist up to nine million American families refinance or modify their loans to a monthly mortgage ...
I have been performing various types of property inspections since 1994 and I have always wondered if the name Home Inspector really was the correct name for my profession?  Home inspections comprise about 50% of my business, the rest are various type of related inspections from bank to commercia...

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