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  Here's the harsh truth for all those who would blow smoke at unsuspecting sellers who are literally betting their financial future on the veracity of the Short Sale "Pretenders".   I recommend you speak to an attorney and your tax preparer before you make the decision to go ahead with a short s...
  Reverse Mortgage Short Sale - Part 2   In January of 2009 I wrote a post asking:   What will happen, when a home owner has a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) (aka Reverse Mortgage) and their home is no longer worth what they borrowed?     There were comments from several people, including...
  Since hardwood flooring is so popular right now and not everyone knows the answer to these questions...  I thought I would share this info.     I'm often asked whether prefinished hardwood or unfinished hardwood is better.  We install both and the truth is it depends on which of below factors i...
I am re-blogging for selfish reasons...  so I can find the article when I want it.  ;-)  Hope you find it helpful.   How To Use ScribeFire to Enhance Your ActiveRain Blog Posts is a great 3rd party add-on to the Mozilla Firefox Browser.  Lately, the emails and calls have been com...
  Intense Dust Storms in Northern Arizona – Not Normal   Those living in Northern Arizona and driving Interstate 40, are used to dealing with the wind, snow and black ice.    Well, it seems that intense dust storms have been added to this list.  Until last year, Highway Patrol officials had never...
  How safe is your private information?  The loan app for your new home?  Your records at the doctors office?  Unfortunately, the companies that are supposed to protect our privacy refuse to pay the extra to do that.  I'm sure that will change after a few lawsuits...     Reblog from Jim and Maria...
Since I have heard this very myth come out of the mouths of people I know... (as in real estate agents) How can I say what is a deduction and how much it would be, when I don't even know what their tax return looks like.  Not to mention the fact that I am not an accountant.  Let the Accountant/CP...
  While the situation with the fraudulent DOM (Days on Market) has been dealt with by the MLS here in the Phoenix, Arizona Real Estate Market area.  ~~  They have made it difficult to manipulate and the penalty if caught is pretty stiff.  ~~ I'm just wondering how large team agents deal with "Qua...
    Would you let your client purchase this house?                                             Caution: Items on your screen are closer than they appear.    These were taken with a wide angle lens.    A little to the left…                                                 A little to the right…    ...
    Reverse Mortgage Short Sale   What will happen, when a home owner has a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) (aka Reverse Mortgage) and their home is no longer worth what they borrowed?      This client needs to sell their home and they will owe around $200,000.00.  The home will probably s...

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