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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Godzyk Real Estate Services - NH License 033394
If you travel to the edge of town, hop on the rural road and keep going. When you think you are almost there, go further. Over the hills, through the woods and to the dirt road. That is where I live said this would be home seller.  The day started out with that phone call. A person who lives in a...
The phone rings and a sobbing person asks for help in selling her condo. The first step was to calm her down so i could understand what she was saying. After a brief pause, she let me know she needs to sell her condo rather quickly. She can no longer afford it. She continued on that she had an ag...
The basic answer to when is TOO LATE when it comes to a showing is "It depends your seller." If the home is vacant, then it depends how late the agent wants to work and is this the only time they can see the home? When I list a home. A series of questions are asked before the first buyer even inq...
A simple question lead to a lot of second thoughts. The tale of two sellers. Both friends of mine. Both living in an upscale town surrounding Manchester NH. The basic questions were: How much is my home worth? How much can I sell my home for? Who should I list with?  Those three questions were as...
Every now and then buyers call and ask WHAT IS THE CHEAPEST HOME THAT HAS SOLD THIS YEAR  in Manchester NH?  My answer is often... cheap? NO. But inexpensive? YES.   THERE WERE 800 Single Family HOMES SOLD in Manchester NH as of 11/12/2019 The Least Expensive SALES are:  223 Varney St, SOLD for $...
There is an increasing amount of confusion to what a Home Owner should and should not do before they list their home. Conflicting online tips. TV shows that are not quite real but you think they are. These are just two of the sources of what we are seeing done wrong. It starts with what should a ...
Welcome to our Fall 2019 Update for the Fox Hollow Condominiums here in the MAnchester NH area. We have been asked lots of questions and want to share the answers.  WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME TO SELL MY FOX HOLLOW CONDO? That time may be NOW. Values are up. Interest rates are down. Other condos for s...
What is happening with the Fall Condominium Market in or around the Manchester NH area? The short snswer is it is RED HOT. People are learning that buying a condominium is as much as buying a life style, than just buying a home. Imagine a home where you do not have to cut the grass, do not have t...
What is the Real Estate Market like this fall here in the Manchester NH area. Our fall market has exceeded all expectations. With interested falling to near 3.6%, we have seen an increase in home buyers. Every one is asking, "Should I Buy or Sell a home this fall during 2019?" Join me as a power ...
I have so much to say this morning. Home Sellers are under attack. AT any one time the mega companies are coming up with ways to seperate you from your money. Today's lesson is what is building, what is growing and why you need to pay attention. In life the old saying is "If it sounds too good to...

Scott Godzyk

One of the Manchester NH's area Leading Agents
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