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I have a listing coming up in a couple of weeks, which I will post.  I had a opportunity to go visit that property for an evaluation and assist the owner with what he needed to do to prepare the home for sale. Everyone lives differently, so sometimes it is difficult for sellers to understand that...
Date palms are a very striking palm, with large 'flowing' leaves.  There are quite a variety of date palms, each bearing a different fruit.Date palms have been cultivated for so long that it is not certain where they originated, but it is suspected that they originally came from the area around I...
Cape Coral has always been a somewhat sleeping town.  It was built as a 'bedroom community' and has pretty much stayed that way over the years.  We may now be seeming some changes to that.  A new $10 million convention center has just been approved for the South Cape.  That will bring new jobs an...
Areca Palms, also known as Butterfly Palms,  are very popular in Florida.  These palms are native to Madagascar, but have become endangered due to loss of its natural habitat.  They grow to about 20-40 feet high, but are generally seen at around 20 feet (there is conflicting information on the si...
We have the cutest neighbors!  These are Florida Burrowing Owls and we have a family of them living on each side of us.  Every year they have babies and we are overrun with owls!  Then the babies take of for parts unknown and we start again next year.These owls are found throughout Florida, but t...
Royal Palms are a very majestic tree.  They are one of a dozen or so palms that are native to Florida, found mostly in the southern half of the State.  The trees are also native to Cuba and the Royal Palm is the national tree of Cuba.When Thomas Edison purchased his land in Ft. Myers he began pla...
The Queen Palm is very popular in Florida.  It is often planted in yards as a center piece.  They are fast growing and reach about 50 feet.  The large Queen palm in the photo is about 7-8 years old.  The small ones (there are two but you can really only see one) were planted last year and have do...
Christmas palms are very popular in the south half of Florida.  They are not very cold tolerant, so won't grow in the northern half of the state.They look like a small Royal Palm and are self pruning.  These palms are generally grown in groups of 2 or 3, as that makes a better presentation.  The ...
We are a small shop, just me and my wife.  We are looking for an agent, or broker associate, who would be interested in working with us.  We need someone for backup and to take some leads.  If they want to build the business with us then that would also be a possibility.  Ideally the agent would ...
We have had an exceedingly rainy weekend in Cape Coral, and all of SW Florida.  According to the news, Cape Coral alone has had over 8 inches of rain in the last 3 days.  This is our rainy season, but I am beginning to think I need to start working on an Ark! Posted by   Please click on Banner to...

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