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So I keep hearing how I should have a Blog. I am looking at websites and found I in fact do have one. Well what is there to blog about? Do I tell you interest rates remain at an all time low, that Winter is the best time to sell? BORING the second one is true. Feel free to call for more info. I think people like stuff. People like new information. True information, not second hand seen it on FB so it has to be true.. We used to say blah, blah, blah, now we type blog, blog, blog. If the text bores you (are you still here?) then you won't come back. I want to commit to this and I want you back. I am promoting my affiliation as a REDFIN partner agent in todays blog. If you list or buy a home with me, you will get a 15% rebate from my commission. That is a heck of a deal. More blog, blog, blog another time. How did I do? What would interest you? Designs, gardens? I will talk about gardening on my next blog post, and I will offer a treat for something new every time. For now please enjoy your lipstick sample, or for someone you love. Hope you join me. Till next time...
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