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  Will the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation be extended past 2012?       Its likely, but so far there is no guarantee it will happen. A case can be made for the extension as the economy is still struggling to recover and people are still losing their homes that they boug...
How do I write an escalation email to a short sale lender?   One of the biggest problems with short sales is getting stonewalled by bank employees who don’t seem to care and who don’t reply promptly or accurately to your requests. After you have gone to great lengths to secure an offer/buyer, ga...
Isn't it ironic hearing that the real estate market is 'bad' from licensees who are typically not doing anything to help it? Now I don't disagree the market these days can be sad or trending down or completely different than before- but is it 'bad'? As a licensed real estate agent or broker what...
Most people get on Facebook cause, "thats where the people are". Agents tend to misunderstand how Facebook actually works and how it can be most effective. For example what is most valuable; a status update, a photo/video or a link? (The answer is in the article.) I came across a link that perfe...
A buyer called me today asking me how they should approach this market and find the best deal and not get taken advantage of by the seller or an agent hungry for a commission.   If you are a buyer looking for a deal you may be getting some strange advice from agents, they are telling you 'NOT to ...
A short sale is an agreement and a settlement, meaning; whatever terms are in the approval letter are the terms of the new agreement. Most sellers are oblivious to the fact that lender almost ALWAYS try to leave in verbiage that allows them to collect from you AFTER the short sale.Ok, so we know ...
Most sellers expect to wait 2-3 years after they short sell to be eligable to purchase again! What if you could buy sooner than that? Few realize there is a way to buy in less than 2 years, if you find the correct lender and they are aware and willing to lend per the FHA guideline in the linked d...

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